All your school email communications are managed within a secure and protected dashboard.


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Better Email Newsletters

We know how tricky it can be setting up new software. So we’ve made it easy for you as all you need to do is import your lists from your School Information Management system.

Better Email Newsletters
User Profile & Custom Fields

Records are stored based solely on an email address and duplicate records are automatically deleted for you. You can add first name, surname, address and a host of other data fields that can store other types of related information.

Better Email Newsletters

With your data stored securely you can build simple rules based on the user profile and custom fields that will allow you to easily create and update Lists. Segmentation profiles can optionally be saved and re-used to enable quick refresh of Lists as new subscriber records are added or amended.

Better Email Newsletters
Behavioural Targeting

You can analyse how your parents engage with your newsletters and use those insights to boost response rates through targeted emails and triggered automations. Engagement tracking is automatic and it’s easy to set up triggered emails based on things like a click on a link, the submission of a form or other requests.

Better Email Newsletters

Subscribers can set their own preferences for the emails they want to receive. Alternatively, you can define what happens when people click unsubscribe.

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