School Website FAQs


Why a three year package?

When we start to work with you, you immediately start to benefit from a Membership. During the life of your 3 Year Membership we regularly release updates to the system, adding new, exciting and highly useful features to make your life easier and your school website more creative. By offering this through a 3 Year Membership we can ensure your website system is always at the very cutting edge.

If I want to keep my current site after three years can I just pay the support and hosting?

Unfortunately not; the main reason is that we would then need to accurately manage which clients had access to which new features as we build and release them. The sheer number of feature releases and product updates means this would become unmanageable on a client-by-client basis within the current, highly competitive price range we offer.


What happens if I decide to leave after three years?

We obviously hope that you would never want to leave us, and we work hard to make sure you don’t. However, if you decide to leave, all the site content will be yours to transfer to your new provider. The system is unfortunately not transferrable to another provider as it is our own, bespoke system, built specifically for the education sector.

Why do I have to pay before my site goes live?

There is a significant amount of work involved in setting up your new school website, something that we are extremely efficient at handling quickly and professionally. We will ensure you are happy with the end product before the site goes live. All we ask is that the payment for your new website made before we ‘flick the switch’


Is your CMS based on any other existing system?

Nope. Our system is not based on Joomla, WordPress or any other technology. Go back to 2011 and we worked incredibly hard, starting completely from scratch on our own, completely bespoke CMS. Since then we have added an unrivalled array of features and upgrades to keep ahead of the curve and make sure our product is always at the very cutting edge.

What site changes are included within support?

During the set-up process we will make colour and content changes without additional charge. Some structural changes may incur a small development fee which would be agreed with your Account Manager. After we have successfully launched your new website any design or structural amends are charged at the Standard Per Hour Development Rate.


Is Training provided?

Of course. We offer a number of options for training and we will work with you to make absolutely sure that your team are proficient at making sure you get the most from your new website. Included in the standard package is half day training at our venue in Lancashire for up to 2 staff members. We offer optional training via an online session or we can come and deliver training at your school.

How do you ensure OFSTED Compliance?

We have some nice technology in place to make sure that we are notified as soon as any changes are made to the requirements set by DfE regarding school websites. We send out information when these changes are made and we will do a full OFSTED Ready Website check of your website before your site launch. We also offer quarterly half day workshop sessions to ensure that your site remains compliant after launch.


What about my existing site – do I transfer the content?

Absolutely not – we take great pride in offering a full site transfer of all your content at no additional charge. There is a fair usage policy attached to this but we have yet to charge a single school or college for transferring content because the threshold is so high. If you think you might have too much content to transfer, give us a bell and ask.

What if I renew my site early?

At the 3 year renewal point, you will be offered an updated design to your website so that your site always looks fresh. Some clients decide they want this refresh early. It this is the case for you we would effectively start the contract again and you would enter into a new 3 year contract at that point.


Who hosts the sites and where are they based?

The hosting company we use are UK based and, in one form or another, we have used their services for over 16 years. The service is exceptional, response times are outstanding and because they are a small but very stable business the relationship we enjoy with them is very good indeed.

Is my site secure?

Yes. We have advanced DDOS protection in place to ensure the maximum uptime of our servers and the admin area for your website is SSL protected and encrypted.


Who provides the support?

We have an Operations Team who handle all support requests. Generally, the first port of call for support is our detailed, easy to use knowledge base which offers detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to do practically everything on your new school website. If you still need help, our team are supportive and helpful and generally answer 85% of all support requests within 3 hours.

How many themes do you have?

Currently there are around 30 different designs to choose from within our system. Some are a little newer than others and some are certainly more popular than others. Rest assured that the impressive range of customisation features available ensures that our clients websites do not look like clones of one another. The vast majority of our clients find there is no need at all to go down the bespoke design route but if you decide this is the right route for you to take we offer a full, strategic bespoke design service.


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