Schudio offers a full suite of software for engagement, communications and compliance, with a completely free range of resources and tools at it's core. Each is powerful on it's own - but they're even better when your school uses them together.


3 reasons to chat with us about your new school website project

Firstly, we'll build you a beautiful school website; one that works on any device and is compliant with Ofsted requirements and the GDPR. We also make sure our education specific software is easy to use and includes everything you need to manage your website effectively. And finally, we're a partner that won't leave you with a product and run away. Your new school website will go way beyond the minimum and we're here for the long haul to support you every step of the way.

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Easy School Website Compliance through our unique resources

Ofsted inspectors are looking to make sure you meet the latest school website requirements and where everything is easy to find. If you choose a Schudio school website we'll help you stay compliant all year round. If you're not, there's still lots of resources available, including our free Ofsted Ready Website Guide and unique Website Checker.

Start making your website Ofsted compliant

We build software to make looking after your school website lots easier.

You'll also find a range of services to compliment your new school website including free or custom School Apps, Photography & Branding packages, Ofsted Ready Website Checker and of course our School Website Software. Even better, they're all tied together for a seamless range of services and support.

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A range of resources to keep your school website current, compliant and looking stunning.

Part of our promise to you is to never provide a product or service to you and just leave you to it. One of the ways we do that is by providing a wide range of resources; blog posts, white-papers, industry reports and critical information all year round.

Get to work transforming how you present your school online

There's lots of people who offer good school websites.
Why would you choose Schudio?

We do our best to back up our words with products and services in the school website design industry that aim to far exceed your expectations. We actually exist to support charities in Uganda, that's what we're most passionate about. That means we have to offer the very best service around to be able to make as much of a difference as we can. To you, we make a range of promises and we stick to them.

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Every single week we update our blog with brand new, highly useful information for anyone who manages a
school or college website. This content is jam packed with industry insights that will make your website soar.

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