Newsletters are one of the key forms of sharing information with parents.  However, they can be a nightmare to produce. With our software you can design and create fully responsive emails quickly and easily – you don’t need to be a coding expert!


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Better Email Newsletters
Beautiful Pre-designed Templates

Using pre-designed templates create your newsletters quickly and efficiently.  If an onboarding package is chosen we will create your email designs but there will be customisable templates within your account.

Better Email Newsletters
Drag & Drop Email Design

Create emails that look great on any device by dragging and dropping specific content objects. Lock content areas to restrict which sections can and can’t be edited. This is useful if you want staff to add content to various sections of your newsletter.

Better Email Newsletters
Code Your Own

If you are HTML savvy and expert coder can upload their own designs with no problems. We’ll still run automated tests on all markup, links, images and content. You can even make your own designs compatible with the drag and drop editor.

Better Email Newsletters
Personalisation & dynamic content

The design of your emails can be personalised and you can use fallback values and tags to format things like dates and names.

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