Attracting students and staff to your School, College or Multi Academy Trust is hard. Competition has never been more fierce. We understand what that’s like! We’re used to selling in a competitive market. Our suite of software helps you to attract the best possible staff and students and streamline the processes in the meantime. Save fortunes and improve your results!

Student Applications Software
Simply the most effective way to attract student applications

Attract students to your college with a modern online application form. Capture applications for students wherever they are, whatever device they are using.

Student Place Acceptance Software
Complete the application process with online digital acceptances.

Get students enrolled, and capture the data you need. Complete with validation and verification. Remarket to students to ensure the highest enrolment numbers.

Job Applications Software
Powerful and straightforward Applications Management

Digitally collect your job applications, reduce administration and simplify the process. Save money and time.

Application Shortlisting & Management
Manage your shortlist without the paper

Take your job vacancy shortlisting online for a more robust, faster, and tracked process. Ditch the paper. Speed up your processes and improve efficiency.

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