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The Schudio School Website CMS is constantly evolving and improving

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The list below shows you the list of changes that have been implemented to the Schudio School Website CMS and what features were added, updated or fixed month to month.


New Features, New Minor Features, Updates, Bug Fixes, Other Notes








NOV 2018

New Feature Update: Notification Groups
New feature to send push notifications to just a specific group of users. Schools can set as many notification groups as they like, and parents subscribe via the app to the relevant groups of their choosing. Notifications can then be sent to all users, or targeted to the specific groups.
Update notification groups
Improvements to clarity of notification group labelling.
Update notification help
Improvements to the help provided within the notifications feature.
Fix permissions
Resolved an issue with some permissions not propagating to the updated provision for some clients.
Fix reorder in document groups
Resolved an issue preventing document groups from being re-ordered properly.
Fix reminder emails
Resolved an issue causing reminder emails not to be sent to users.
Fix responsive view in admin
Resolved an issue causing some display sizes to not render the new admin bar correctly.
Fix preview in pages
Resolved an issue causing page preview function to display an error.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes
Backend system and server updates to ensure ongoing performance and stability.

OCT 2018

New Feature Update: Updated Admin View
New admin view to improve usability of Schudio software and provide clearer access and control to the range of products and services.
Add improved workflow for content revisions
New workflow to better manage content revisions handled by multiple approvers.
Add levels controller to courses
Course levels controller is moved to within courses.
Update content approver user field
Improvements to ensure all editor users have a content approver set.
Update shared document groups button
Improvements to the button layout for the shared document groups feature.
Update job vacancy validation
Improvements to the job vacancy validation start and end date fields to ensure vacancy is correctly displayed.
Fix add user
Resolved an issue causing some newly added users to not be created correctly.
Fix absence email typo
Resolved a spelling mistake in the absence reporting emails
Fix hide of inactive courses
Resolved an issue causing some course views to display inactive courses on some designs.
Fix view course
Resolved an issue causing some courses to not display correctly.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

SEP 2018

Add new tab group styles
New improved visual appearance for tab groups.
Update icon picker
New icons are available to select from within the icon picker.
Update app API
New functions to be made available within app.
Update vacancies controller with departments
Improvements to the new folder pop-up behaviour.
Update time validation for notifications
Improvements to notifications for app messages.
Fix content approver reminders
Resolved an issue causing some content approval requests not to be sent to approvers.
Fix member login
Resolved an issue causing some new member accounts who were prevented from logging in.
Fix vacancy application
Resolved an issue causing some job applicants being able to complete some job vacancies.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

AUG 2018

New Feature Update: Scheduled Push Notifications
New feature to send push notifications at a scheduled time. Set the scheduled time up in the Schudio software and the notification will be sent around that time.
New Feature Update: Shared Document Groups
New premium feature available to expand the usability of document groups. Document groups can now be shared across multiple accounts and embedded into multiple Schudio websites.
New Feature Update: Custom Content Approvers
New feature available to set custom approvers of content for editor users.
Note: All admin users have been set to approvers for all editor users, to ensure current permissions and function remains unchanged. Future accounts that are added will require a custom content approver to be set for editors.
Add calendar imported events delete option
New option to delete with one click all calendar feed imported calendar events from Schudio calendar.
Update repeating events deletion process
New function and message when deleting a recurring event from calendar.
Update tab group embed code functionality
New functions available within tab groups to use embed codes.
Update new folder pop-up
Improvements to the new folder pop-up behaviour.
Update calendar picker field
Improvements to calendar picker field type.
Update editor accounts
Improvements to editor account permissions.
Update student application form settings
Improvements to student application form settings for accounts with a student application form.
Fix flip book account issue
Resolved an issue causing some flip books to not display correctly within an account.
Fix menu item drag and drop
Resolved an issue causing some an issue with re-ordering some menus within some accounts.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JUL 2018

New Feature Update: Calendar
New major update to the main calendar on Schudio websites. Including; repeating events, calendar categories, external calendar imports.
Add password reset option
New options to enable password reset for Schudio account users.
Update repeating events deletion process
New function and message when deleting a recurring event from calendar.
Update blog categories
Improvements to the blog categories used to group blog content.
Update Website Checker print output
Improvements to website checker printable guide.
Fix single day calendar event
Resolved an issue causing an error when saving a single calendar event.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JUN 2018

New Feature Update: Content Box Update
New major update to the main content box that powers the majority of content added and managed on Schudio websites.
New Additional Feature: Tab Groups
New module to add a new way of displaying lots of content covering different sections within a page.
Add icon picker into menus
New options available to select an icon for use alongside or as part of a menu item.
Update tweetable text styling
Improvements to the text marked as tweetable within the content box is shown to website visitors.
Update School Website Checker to record who saved a review
Improvements to record the user who saves each requirements review.
Fix Protected pages login redirect
Resolved an issue causing an incorrect re-direct when a user tried to access a password protected page and were not logged in.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

MAY 2018

Privacy Notice Module
New module to add custom privacy documentation and wording to website forms.
Add hide email newsletter option.
New options available for all custom designs to disable the newsletter subscription box.
Add late acceptance system.
New change to the acceptance system to manage students offered late application acceptances.
Add document links to user menu.
Easy access to links to terms and conditions, and privacy notice.
Add Document Reminders in Users
Easy access to set reminders for documents in document groups via the users module.
Update reminder setting
Improvements to the way some reminders are handled.
Fix School Website Checker filter settings
Resolved an issue affecting checker settings being updated correctly.
Fix School Website Checker requirements count
Resolved an issue causing an incorrect count to be displayed for the checker.
Fix Edit User
Resolved an issue preventing some settings for some users from being edited correctly.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

APR 2018

School Website Requirements Checker Filters
Filters can be set for your school type to automatically mark some requirements as N/A for your specific school.
Preparation and testing for a new change to the Schudio CMS.
Preparation and underlying changes to prepare for an update that will impact all areas of the Schudio system.
Update to dynamic content indexes
Improvements to the way some of the dynamic content is displayed on websites.
Update User Form
Improvements to the new user form.
Fix Absence Reporting form date fields
Resolved an issue affecting the Absence Reporting form on some designs.
Fix School Website Requirements Checker Sub Requirements Colour Coding
Resolved an issue preventing sub requirements being displayed with the correct colour on a completed report.
Fix Blog Category Pagination
Resolved an issue preventing multiple blog posts being displayed properly within the category filter on some designs.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

MAR 2018

Underlying work on two big new changes to the Schudio CMS.
Lots of preparation and underlying changes to prepare for some updates to be announced soon.
Update NEW label in School Website Requirements Checker
Improvements to the way new requirements are highlighted in the checker.
Update Tag Image
Improvements to the tag image used on some themes.
Update External Links in All Menus
Update to automatically push external links to all menus.
Fix Document Group Icon
Resolved an issue effecting some designs where the document group icons were not responding correctly.
Fix School Website Requirements Checker Print Button
Resolved an issue preventing the quick print button from working as intended.
Fix Reminders
Resolved an issue preventing read reminders from being cleared correctly.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

FEB 2018

New Additional Feature: Document Groups Sort Order
A new sort order for document groups, rather than manually sort all document groups all the time. Documents can now be ordered by date added (newest first or oldest first) and alphabetically. Manual sort order is still available should you want a custom order for your documents.
New Visual Updates and Usage Improvements
Some styles have been changed to be more modern, the filter row in modules has been made more distinct, helpful support tutorials are integrated even more tightly into the software. Some other minor inconsistencies between modules have also been tweaked.
Add created date column to Photo Galleries admin
Created date column added to photo galleries admin and is now the default sort option (newest galleries at the top).
Rename of Announcements and Notifications
Notifications – for automatic updates about things that happen on your site are now called Reminders.
Announcements – used for sending push notifications to Schudio mobile apps are now called Notifications.
Add Categories and Timings to Notifications
Notification Categories and Timings are now in place, this is part of the functionality required to provide a more targeted push notification system to Schudio app users.
Update section description in School Website Requiremens Checker
Improvements to include the section description to all areas of the checker. Useful information is often included in these sections.
Update and Improvements to Acceptance system
Improvements to the student application acceptance system.
Update Galleries Description to plain text
Update to the description field for each gallery to make it’s purpose clearer.
Fix Document Group Mobile View
Resolved an issue effecting some designs where some documents within document groups were not displaying correctly.
Fix RSS Feed
Resolved an issue preventing the RSS feed generating correctly.
Fix Vacancy Applications Filter
Resolved an issue preventing the filter row in vacancy applications from correctly filtering the applications.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JAN 2018

New Additional Feature: Student Acceptance System
A new bespoke student acceptance system for handling student application acceptances. Students can be offered a place on a number of courses and can accept and pre-enrol online.
Improvements to general performance
Performance enhancements including removal of old and unused files.
Add School Name into geocode behaviour
School name field is now included within the geocode address lookup to provide a more accurate location.
Improvements to some functions to bring in line with HTTPS protocol.
Update Document Group Display
Improvements to the document group display at mobile resolution.
Fix Blog category pagination
Resolved an issue effecting some designs where blog category pagination was not responding correctly.
Fix News and Event dates
Resolved an issue effecting some designs where news and events dates set in 2018 would display incorrectly.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes
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