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The Schudio School Website CMS is constantly evolving and improving

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The list below shows you the list of changes that have been implemented to the Schudio School Website CMS and what features were added, updated or fixed month to month.


New Features, New Minor Features, Updates, Bug Fixes, Other Notes







JUN 2017

New system structure to resolve cache related problems
Added new system structure to resolve recurring cacheing issues and prevent them in the future.
Add additional delegate details to course booking notification emails
Added this additional delegate data to the course booking notification email.
Update Blog Config
Improvements to the behind the scenes blog configuration, and tag functionality.
Update Event Config
Improvements to the behind the scenes event configuration, and tag functionality.
Update Create Account
Improvements to the user account creation process.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes
Lots of development for a new feature to be launched soon!

MAY 2017

New Feature: Shopify Integration
An integration with Shopify is now available to list products through your school or college website and sell them using the Shopify platform.
Add force re-direct to HTTPS
Added an option to force all web traffic to an SSL secured site (if the account has a valid SSL certificate)
Add Generate Email Button in Vacancy Shortlisting
A new option to re-generate the emails for a vacancy shortlist if the content has been changed..
Update Notifications Settings
Improvements to the user notifications setup.
Update Page Appearance Settings
Improvements to page appearance.
Update Support Button Print View
An improvement to the view of printable forms within the admin area to prevent the support button.
Fix Tags for Blog Posts
Resolved an issue on some designs preventing tags on blog posts from correctly displaying related content.
Fix Related Content Heading Link
Resolved the link address of the related content heading.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes
Internal server configuration changes to improve performance.

APR 2017

Add new support system
A new support system has been added into the CMS to better enable the support process and the support that users receive.
Photo Gallery image remove/delete
A new option to determine if an image should be removed from a photo gallery, or removed from the gallery and deleted from the system.
Update Document Groups Display
Improvements to document group display while document loading.
Update Auto-Image resize
Improvements to the automatic image compression being made on files uploaded to the Schudio CMS.
Update File Manager
General improvements and updates to improve File Manager.
Update Tag Display
Visual improvements on some themes to the way tags are implemented.
Fix Displaying Galleries with a special character in name
Resolved an issue where galleries with the special character would not be displayed.
Fix caching issue
Resolved an issue preventing some updates being cached instead of posting instantly.
Fix news content approval
Resolved an issue on some accounts where news articles could not be approved.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

MAR 2017

New Feature: XML Sitemaps
An XML sitemap is now being automatically generated for all websites. These can be found at your-domain/sitemap
Add validation checks for folder names
Folder names within file manager follow standard web convention and cannot contain special characters or spaces.
Update Blog Post Approval
Improvements to blog post content created by editors requiring approval.
Update Job Application Referee Content Email Process
Improvements to prevent a possible issue within the HR Vacancy Management product preventing referee emails from sending.
Fix Recognising external links in menus
Resolved an issue where on some designs and menus external links were not correctly following the target _blank behaviour.
Fix truncated related blog post content
Resolved an issue on some accounts with blog post content being truncated when combined with tags.
Fix dates on related events
Resolved an issue on some accounts where invalid date formatting was shown for related events.
Fix blog category menu item
Resolved an issue causing an incorrect URL to be used with the blog category menu item.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

FEB 2017

New Feature: Blog Categories as Menu Type
Blog category is now an option for menu type. When selected as the menu type the different blog categories within the account appear as options to select from a list.
Add option to export all course booking information
Course booking information can now be exported for all courses and bookings made within the system from one button click.
Add Contact Details step to App Wizard
Contact details are gathered for new app accounts straight away as part of the initial setup wizard.
Add image upload crop feature to app images
App images can be cropped to fixed recommended size within the app initial setup wizard and app options pages.
Add validation on photo gallery names
Validation has now been added to photo gallery names to prevent invalid names that could potentially break the embed code.
Update Pages URL Auto-complete
Improvements to pages URL field to only auto-fill for newly created pages.
Update Pages URL Validation
Improvements to URL validation to make any errors clearer.
Update App Absence Reporting API
Improvements to control absence reporting On/Off setting within app.
Update Job Vacancies fields for embed codes
Improvements to ensure embed codes are functional within job vacancies content boxes.
Fix Content approval emails
Resolved an issue for some accounts where the previous version of content approval emails were being sent and revisions could not be viewed.
Fix Recognising external links in menus
Resolved an issue where on some designs and menus external links were not correctly following the target _blank behaviour.
Fix input field not clickable within course booking form
Resolved an issue where at some display resolutions on some designs an input field was not clickable to enter data into.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JAN 2017

New Feature: Auto Image Resize
Images are now being re-sized on upload to ensure they are efficiently sized and ‘web-ready’. We’ve also compressed any images already uploaded in the system.
Add Google Custom Search Option
Google custom search is now available, we are initially running a small test for some accounts through this option.
Update Edit Image View – File Manager
Improvements to the edit image view within file manager.
Update App API
Improvements to the app API providing content from the CMS to the app platform.
Update to Default App Permissions
Improvements to layout and permissions accessible for app account users.
Update Tutorial Videos in Admin
Improvements to ensure tutorial videos are available in relevant admin pages.
Update Blog App View without Categories
Improvements to ensure blog posts are displayed correctly in the app when categories are not being used.
Fix RSS feed
Resolved an issue for some accounts where the news was not being properly shown in the RSS feed.
Fix Flip Book Upload
Resolved an issue where some files that should work as flip books could not be uploaded and converted.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes
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