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The Schudio School Website CMS is constantly evolving and improving

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The list below shows you the list of changes that have been implemented to the Schudio School Website CMS and what features were added, updated or fixed month to month.


New Features, New Minor Features, Updates, Bug Fixes, Other Notes









Mar 2019

Various small changes to functionality
Update course bookings
Improvements to course bookings functionality.
Update course appearance
Improvements to the appearance of courses on some designs.
Update reminders
Improvements to the functionality of reminders in admin.
Update alerts in some designs
Changes to improve how alerts display within certain designs
Fix course booking email confirmation
Resolved an issue with some course booking confirmation emails content display.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

Feb 2019

Added Calendar Sync Option
New feature to enable live calendars to be pulled into the Schudio calendar feature automatically.
Update app notifications
Improvements to deliverability of app notifications.
Update appearance menus
Improvements to the appearance of menus on some designs.
Fix edit user in superadmin
Resolved an issue with some users not being created fully.
Fix event review in admin
Resolved an issue preventing some events saving correctly.
Fix checking permission for course bookings
Resolved an issue causing course bookings to not be created correctly.
Fix app notifications
Resolved an issue causing some push notifications to app to fail.
Fix contact form
Resolved an issue causing some contact form submissions to not deliver correctly.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes

JAN 2019

Added functionality to add content above News module
Static content can now be added above the dynamic listings of news powered by the news module.
Allow text file upload in file manager
Added plain text files as an allowed file type for upload.
Add user IP address to contact form submissions
IP addresses are now logged and accessible for contact form enquiries to prevent misuse.
Update login form
Improvements to login form security.
Update appearance elements module listing
Improvements to the appearance module.
Update contact form wording
Improvements to consistent contact form wording across all sites.
Update date/time picker
Improvements to the date/time form field element.
Fix URL encoding in image uploads
Resolved an issue with some URLs not being encoded and therefore viewed correctly.
Fix edit menu
Resolved an issue preventing some menus from being edited correctly.
Fix image edit
Resolved an issue causing images edited photo galleries to not save correctly.
Fix image editor
Resolved an issue causing some image uploads to fail.
Fix Compliance Suite account permission
Resolved an issue causing the shared document groups to not show for some users.
Fix Flip Book uploads
Resolved an issue causing an error when a flip book was re-uploaded.
Various bug fixes specific to clients/themes
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