Improve the experience for your parents by using automated emails that react to how they engage with emails, your website and forms.


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Better Email Newsletters
Visual Workflow Builder

Use the simple drag and drop to design user journeys for your parents. Completely personalise each journey by connecting blocks that include things like delays, decisions and emails.

Better Email Newsletters
Nurture Your Parents

By designing automated actions that react to the actions your parents take you can send them towards different goals. You can design the workflows to handle as many complex or simple scenarios you need.

Better Email Newsletters

Your website can be designed to do lots of clever things, but once parents have submitted their data the next steps are straightforward.

Once a parent has submitted their details through a form on your website, you can set custom delay periods, take automated decisions to send parents along different routes and deliver appropriate emails automatically.

Better Email Newsletters
Automated re-targeting

Do way more than only re-sending to people that did not open the original email.

The automated re-targeting feature enables you to send follow-up emails to those that didn’t open, opened but didn’t click - you can set multiple follow-ups to handle all possible outcomes.

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