Capture data and use it with the automatic triggers once a form has been submitted.


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Better Email Newsletters
Preferences Centres

Create branded forms for signing up to events, updates or opt-out forms without the need for coding. Customise your forms by choosing what fields to display on each and set options for parents to set their own preferences. Once the form has been created you can embed it on your website.

Better Email Newsletters
Code Your Own

If you are a coding expert you can take complete control of how your form looks by coding your own HTML. All that’s required is to ensure inputs are named correctly and the addition of simple validation markup for triggering a workflow when the form has been submitted.

Better Email Newsletters

Once the form has been submitted you can link a workflow for automated follow-up actions like, downloading a document, registering for an event and much more.

Better Email Newsletters
Integrate with other apps

Current websites and other form building apps can send data into the email software with some minor integration setup. You can integrate using the API and if you have other favoured form builders then that’s no problem as most form building apps allow for posting form data to external applications.

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