More and more schools are understanding the need to seamlessly tie together tools for better parental engagement. Schudio offers a full suite of products that make it a breeze to reach parents where they are.

Free School App
No hidden costs. No gimmicks. Just a fantastic app for your school.

Saving money and reaching parents effectively is something that has never been more critical. Schudio were the first company to link an app to the school website so content automatically syncs. That's just one of the reasons the Schudio School App is still free to schools and parents and is trusted by schools all over the UK and beyond.

Custom School Apps
Next level engagement ...

If you're looking to take your engagement to the next level, opt for a custom app built just for your school. Benefit from targeted notifications, custom design and menu options and an unrivalled support package.

Better Email Newsletters
Radically transform your email solution to truly engage parents

There are lots of website checklists around for schools to use. Here's what makes ours different. The team at Schudio continually review the latest statutory requirements and keep the School Website Requirements Guide up to date. Changes are reviewed and explained clearly and accurately. What's more our blog is packed full of supporting content to help you understand every single requirement. And it's all completely free.

Parents Evening Bookings
Bring your school into the 21st century

A huge pain point for schools is the dreaded parents evening. Through a key strategic partnership, we are able to offer an integrated parents evening booking system which will transform how your run these events. Parents no longer need to rely on their child to make appointments. Schools and parents love this solution.

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