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Engage your community, empower your staff and students, exceed OFSTED requirements and look stunning with the Schudio School Website Software! Our job is to make it as easy as possible to keep a brilliant, active picture of life in your school up to date. Our unique school website software makes that incredibly easy.

School & college websites are all about telling your stories

You're in a wonderful position; every day there are stories of achievement, success and joy that are waiting to be told. Those stories are what each and every one of your users wants to hear about. Your website is the place to tell those stories. Our job is to make that as easy as possible. (Of course you have to make sure you cover your DfE requirements but we've got that covered too!)

School website software is about bringing your school to life

Parents and prospective parents love nothing more than seeing beautiful photos and videos of life in school. Adding photo galleries, video, flipbooks and other beautiful, rich media adds to the depth of your content and draws users into a greater level of engagement. So your school website software should make that as easy as possible.

Your website is the most powerful tool you have to reach your school community

It's a two-way conversation; sharing life in school with your community is a fantastic way to engage. But it doesn't stop there. Offering parents and prospective parents effective ways to reach out to you only increases that engagement more and more. Great school website software gives you the tools to do this effectively, whatever your skills and experience.

Presenting & marketing your key information is just as important as engagement

The details of the provision, education and care you offer are just as important as the stories you tell to engage your audience. Your policies, curriculum or course marketing, statutory content and term dates are hugely important to your audience. That means it's vital that the presentation is engaging and the management is incredibly easy.



"Feedback from website visitors is overwhelmingly positive. Current parents comment on how easy it is to access the information they need whilst prospective parents often tell us what a great first impression the website gives."

Emma Bateson, Carr Hill High School, Kirkham

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