"I was blown away with what could be done to our website. Straight away, I was impressed with their knowledge of school and website needs. The costs were very reasonable for the product we would be getting, and the head and business manager agreed to it straight away."

Nichola Bonsor, St John's CE Primary School, Blackpool

How Schudio helped St John’s Primary School celebrate their inclusive ethos.

The Background

Every child should be able to reach their potential. Through an exciting and innovative curriculum and high quality teaching and learning, we strive to achieve this aim. We aim to provide the perfect conditions for learning as we believe that how children learn is as important as what they learn.  We use highly developed assessment procedures which takes into account every individual child along with an enriched curriculum which includes outdoor learning experiences and the development of emotional competencies. Our mission statement is Everyone Matters in God’s World

The Challenge

As a primarily business focused company, our old school website provider wasn’t able to specialise in the school area that we needed to develop. Parents and staff found the old website hard to navigate. Therefore they didn’t use it to its full potential. 

We also felt that the pictures on the website needed livening up. They needed to reflect our current students and the school as it is as at the moment. Social media and the website needed to all link together, which wasn’t currently happening.

Ensuring we met our school website OFSTED standards was also a big issue. 

Access to management of our website was another issue. Users either had all or nothing access to the development side of the website, and it was hard to give staff/pupils access to specific areas.

Unless I was sat at my computer I was also struggling to update content because I wanted to use my iPad to manage the website!

The Solution: New School Website, Schudio School Website Software

Straight away, I was impressed with Ian’s knowledge of school and website needs. He got where we needed to be and what we needed the website to do.

I was blown away with what could be done to our website. There were no hidden costs so it was clear as to what we could expect to get and for what price. The costs were very reasonable for the product we would be getting. And so, the head and business manager agreed to it straight away.

Once everything was agreed at our end, Schudio were incredibly efficient and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble. All questions were answered straight away. Our optional extras were booked in and discussed and i was kept up to date by a member of staff assigned to our website. Any delay was down to how quick I could physically make decisions!

The training provided for the website was thorough, supportive and easy to follow. The nature of the software meant that any questions were answered instantly. There are easy solutions to any problems we may face getting to used the new system. For every step of the process, I had someone to hold my hand and answer any questions I had, however random or bizarre!

With the new features of the website, it means that parents and staff can download an app which has notifications, meaning they can access the website on any device. I can also update the website from any device and i can have many users with different permission rights, meaning they don’t mess up any other parts of the website! 

The Results

The website has only been up and running for a month so we are still measuring the impact. Adding content to the website is far less time consuming. It is easier to keep the information up to date and relevant due to notification features. Parents like the new website and all users have reported how much easier it is to use. Staff are wanting to have their own blogs and take more of an active interest now they can have access features. We can duplicate text messages sent home with notifications to the app. It’s brilliant because parents get the message in numerous ways. 

The OFSTED report feature has given us an instant starting point and so we can ensure that everything is up to standard. 

The link in with the social media means that everything is uniform and easy for parents and staff to follow. What’s more, the pictures have given the school a fresh new look, making it more relevant to our audience. Other features – such as the ability to put a date on when a document has expired, reminders about events and news and the ability to link content through tagging are massive improvements. 

The Future

To keep getting more people to use the website and expand to children adding content to blogs etc. That will help us to improve communication with parents and the school community.  We’re going to keep working on the website structure and content to ensure everyone can access all required information. Another big priority is to develop our own app! Watch this space!

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