Student Applications Software


Custom built for the sector to help you streamline your processes, attract more students and get them through the door. Here you’ll find everything you need to transform how you take student applications.

Student Application Software
Responsive Bespoke Student Application Form

Have confidence in an application form that will maximise your opportunity for conversion. Built and designed bespoke for your requirements, with our guidance on best practice and user experience. The form we build is of course responsive so will work perfectly on a mobile phone for students to fill in, on the go.

Student Application Software
User friendly, with clear validation and error prompts

Maximise applications by removing errors in application data. If a user does fill out a form incorrectly it's important to ensure messages are clear, and it's obvious where changes need to be made by the student.

Student Application Software
Multi Stage Options

Choose a multi stage form to break down the form into smaller chunks, with save options to come back and continue an application later.
You can even view the stage an application via the software, leverage this insight to actively engage applicants with only partially complete forms.

Customised Output
Customised Output

We'll customise the output to your requirements. Capture the data via the form in the best way for your students, but export it in the way it needs to be for your system. The file created will be ready to import straight into your MIS.

Student Application Software
Link with your Courses

Automatically populate the list of courses that students can choose to study on your application form based on the actual list of courses that appear on your website. Whenever you add or remove a course the form options will be instantly updated.

Student Application Software
Add Email Integration* (Additional Feature)

We can work with you to configure enhanced customised emails to engage with your applicants automatically based on certain criteria. Customise emails with HTML to improve their visual feel and better match your branding.

Basic plain text confirmation emails are included as standard.

Student Application Software
Add Postcode Lookups* (Additional Feature)

Make form filling faster by providing a postcode lookup for any address fields used in your form. Enter the postcode and simply select the correct address from a list.

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Every website we build comes with every feature you need to keep your website compliance, fresh and engaging. We’ll transfer your content, provide helpful, expert-led training and provide an unbeatable package of support. All of this comes as standard so you know exactly what you’re getting.


Fully integrated with our School Website Compliance Software so you are able to easily maintain 100% compliance all year round.

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