Job Application Shortlisting & Management


Manage your shortlist without the paper. Take your job vacancy shortlisting online for a more robust, faster, and tracked process.

Job Application Shortlisting
Shortlist Criteria for each job vacancy
Set specific categories and criteria for each job vacancy. These criteria will be helpfully displayed for each vacancy manager to mark off against each individual application.
Job Application Shortlisting
Separate equal opportunities submissions from main application
Keep your equal opportunities data linked with the form when you need to see it, but keep it hidden from managers shortlisting for a vacancy to ensure impartiality. Export your equal opportunities data when required.
Job Application Shortlisting
Shortlisting on demand
As soon as an application is submitted, it's available to shortlist. No need to wait until all applicants have applied and the closing date has passed before shortlisting. Start working through applicants as soon as you can, and save yourself the mountain to process just after the closing date before the interview date.
Job Application Management
Multiple vacancy managers to shortlist a vacancy
Select multiple vacancy managers for each job vacancy. Choose from an unlimited number of managers. Each vacancy manager will be responsible for assessing the candidate's application against the defined criteria.
Job Application Management
HR representative role to check vacancy
Select the HR representative to check and approve the vacancy. The HR representative has oversight over the whole application process and can check in and see the progress at any point. As well as completing the application by confirming the shortlist, sending interview invitation emails and reference requests.
Job Application Management
Send reference requests and interview invitation emails
Send reference requests before interview (if allowed by candidate), and the interview invitation emails all within the system. Use a custom template email to speed up the process and manage this mass email send centrally.
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