Good Blog Posts – Getting Started

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Good Blog Posts - The basics

DSC_2417It can be difficult to write good blog posts and get started on your blogging efforts. Questions need to be asked:
What's the purpose of your blog?
Who's going to be responsible for that blog?
Will you have different blog categories, with different individuals looking after each?

We recommend sorting out your categories as soon as you can. It saves the job of adding all the old uncategorised posts into categories later down the line. Having your categories in place can also help to plan how you're going to use your blog, what it's purpose is, and who's going to be responsible.

For example the Class 4A blog category is probably going to be the responsibility of Class 4A. Likewise your catering blog category the responsibility of your catering team. That also helps set the purpose and content. The catering blog could contain menu information for the week, the class 4A blog will be content relevant to class 4A and what they've been studying, trips away or anything else going on in the life of class 4A. Ownership of the blog category will lead to good blog posts within that category.

Good blog posts - Top Tips

Some of our top tips are listed below. Follow this guidance to help you write good blog posts.

- Try to write at least 300 words - this is a good number to aim for, not so short that it looks out of place on the page, but not too long that it's a mammoth post that is just too long to read.

- Break up your content with headings, it makes the page so much easier to digest, your readers are able to see the sections your content falls into. It will probably help you to better structure your blog post too.

- At least 1 outbound link. It's not always appropriate, but its good to have some links to some external content where you can see or read more information.

- Images are great for blog content, they help to engage your readers in the first instance to click on your post, the image will make it a lot more appealing than just text, but they also enhance and can help explain part of your post.

- Video content is the next upwards step. Video content is really easy to engage with, the content is delivered to the reader of your blog, they don't have to sit and read, just watch and listen. Make sure your video isn't all you've got on your blog though, people can't always watch a video and there should be some information available to read too.

There are lots of other things you can do to write good blog posts, and you might not want to use these tips all of the time, for example writing 300 words is probably a bit much for an infant primary school student to write on the blog, especially if it's only being done in a single lesson. But the most important thing to remember with your blog is your content!

Unique content is interesting content, people wouldn't be able to find out about it anywhere else.

Good Blog Posts - Blogging with Schudio

Blogging with the Schudio content management system is simple. Create unlimited blog categories, unlimited users, set their permissions so content requires approval before going live. If you've got a Schudio website the blogging module can be easily integrated into your website. Your blogs don't have to be hosted on a separate website, you can have them included on your website with all your other content, for easy access and enhanced link between the two. Parents coming to see interesting blog content on your website will see other news and announcements on the website too.

Here's some examples of our clients who are using the Schudio blogging module on their website well.





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