Uganda Mission Trip – November 2016

On the 5th November I will be heading out to Rukungiri in South Western Uganda for what will be my second visit. It's well over a year since I last visited the country and the projects we're involved with have done some incredible things since then. Nicole was of course out there this June - you can read about her trip here.

I wanted to let you know the plan for this trip and talk about the little ways that you and your schools can get involved if you'd like to.

What are we going to do?

We'll be involved in a number of projects, all aimed to help those in Uganda who are among the very most disadvantaged. Uganda is a beautiful country with stunning, welcoming people who are so grateful to receive a little help. There are some big issues in the country and the result is that lots and lots of people are in need.

We'll be involved in some building work at the school for children with additional needs, helping at the Chilli Children Clinic, visiting the Mother's Union, working among orphans, deaf children and so much more. Every project we work with is invaluable and we have seen some incredible differences already.

Why are we going?

Personally Uganda is a place that is very close to our hearts. As a family, our youngest has Down's Syndrome and Arran motivates us to do whatever we can to help those who are less blessed than we are.

Who is going?

I'm going as part of a team of 18 which is a BIG team! We'll break down in to smaller groups to work on different projects but I'll be making sure I visit them all.

How can you get involved?

A number of schools and colleges that we work with have incredibly got involved in supporting the work we're trying to do in Uganda with Mission Direct and our other partner charities. From the smallest of donations which are so gratefully received, through to whole school projects that raise enough money to fund an entire well, schools and colleges can get involved at any level.

Some schools are having non-uniform days, others are collecting loose change after lunch. Some schools are selling cakes, some schools are putting on shows. Whatever you'd like to do we can support you in that.

Some schools are involving the children by writing letters to some of the children we'll be visiting and they'll be writing back! Very exciting!

We would of course be very happy to come and do assemblies for you and talk to the children about the children in Uganda that you'll be supporting.

If you'd like to get involved please email ian@schudio.com or call the office. Otherwise please do consider if you could make a donation via our BTDonate page online. If you get involved then every penny you raise goes to the work on the ground.

Watch out for Twitter updates, blog posts and I'm going to be working on some 'video greetings' from the children in Uganda as well!

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