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Memrise is an app that I discovered about 4 years ago whilst looking for an app to help me learn to read and speak Korean. Back then it was primarily an app for learning languages via the use of flashcards but over the past few years it has evolved into a great studying tool for all sorts of topics.

When you log in to Memrise you choose which courses you would like to study, this can range from languages, arts, literature, geography, science or even entertainment.

The way Memrise works is that you study 5 words/phrases at a time. When learning your 5 words or phrases, you'll be shown them numerous times in different styles, so you could be choosing the description of the word presented or choosing the name of what is described to you.

As you repeat each word and it becomes embedded into your head, you'll grow a plant for that word which then results in a big garden of words/memories! You'll also gain points for accuracy and speed of your answers which makes Memrise feel more like a game than just looking at flashcards.

Whilst going through each word you'll be shown the meaning (in english if it's a language course) and also a 'Mem'.

Memrise describes Mems as: ''Anything that helps you create a connection between a word and its meaning. Often colloquially called “educational memes”, a Mem could really be a photo, GIF, mnemonic, video, cartoon, example sentence, etymology or even a witty remark."

These Mems make it easier to make a connection to a particular word or phrase and I've found that the sillier, the better!

The topics covered in Memrise are mainly user-created. Which means that a lovely person out there has created the course to study from themselves and have also made it publicly available! There are even courses that are created by Teachers that cover topics that pop up in exams. So a simple search for your exam board such as AQA, OCR or EDEXCEL can help you find related courses! Of course you can create your own courses too!

From a teacher's point of view Memrise is also a great way to ensure your students are studying at home. You can create your own courses for them to study and the students will appear on a leaderboard depending on how much of the topic they have studied!

Memrise is available online and as an app on Android/iOS devices! Membership is free, there's an option to pay for a Pro membership however being on the free subscription doesn't feel like it has been compromised.

Will you be suggesting Memrise to your students? Let us know if you do!


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