School Policy Database

Policies for Schools

300+ school policies covering 20 different statutory areas (not just your website!).
Full school policy database, all written by experts and available to download and customise.

300+ policies
Comprehensive School Policy Database

A full, comprehensive list of school policies covering a wide range of areas of compliance and in line with DfE's latest guidelines.

Current and compliant
School Policies that are regularly updated by professionals

Our policies are clear, consistent in their format and contain everything you need to know to maintain a full bank of up to date policies.

24/7/365 Access
Available online to Download and Customise

The complete database of school policies is available online, 24/7 for complete peace of mind. What's more all policies are easy to customise to your requirements.

Ongoing updates
Regularly Updated School Policies in your inbox

Receive ongoing updates via email when policies are updated and when new policies are added to your database, meaning you know that every policy is up to date, current and relevant.

Custom policies
Bespoke School Policy writing service

If we don't have a policy that you need available in our database we will put our professional policy writers on to it straight away. They will research the content, write a full policy and send it to you within 5 working days.

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