Pro School Website Audits


Time is precious. Let our experts loose on your website and we’ll do the heavy lifting, providing you with a report that you can use to fix your website quickly and confidently. Need to chat it through first? Call us on 0333 577 0753.

Full check against every single requirement + expert support

Our experts have carried out hundreds of audits and will action a full Ofsted Ready Website Audit on your website as a one-off service. We will thoroughly check your website against the very latest requirements and provide a detailed report with clear action points. You'll have a dedicated contact that you can ask any question you need to so that you know you're on top of your website compliance.

To order your one-time website audit please complete the form below and we'll be in touch within 24hrs to process your order.


Full Professional School Website Audit - Just £359 (inc vat).

To pay by invoice please email hi@schudio.com to place your order or pay by credit card using the button below

Solutions built just for schools

Schudio offers a full suite of software for engagement, communications and compliance, with a completely free range of resources and tools at it's core. Each is powerful on it's own - but they're even better when your school uses them together.

Focus on reaching 100% compliance and then tell the stories of life in school. We’ll make it easy.

Every website we build comes with every feature you need to keep your website compliance, fresh and engaging. We’ll transfer your content, provide helpful, expert-led training and provide an unbeatable package of support. All of this comes as standard so you know exactly what you’re getting.


Fully integrated with our School Website Compliance Software so you are able to easily maintain 100% compliance all year round.

Website Software

An unrivalled array of easy to use, time-saving tools that allow you to take more control of your website than you thought possible.

Engagement Software

Products to help you engage your school community and reach them where they are and turn them into active promoters. All seamlessly tied together.

Attract with Schudio

Admissions, HR and recruitment tools to help you attract the best students and teachers, automate key processes and maintain robust data.

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