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Features Built for Primary Schools

Your primary school website is your best and most trusted platform to celebrate everything that is going on in your school. We support hundreds of primary schools with options carefully built to meet your very specific needs. All our packages come with a range of unique features and exceptional levels of support.


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Your primary school in all it's glory
Reflect who you are as a school

Every primary school website we build is created to reflect who you are as a school in the best possible way. We'll use gorgeous photos, bring out the very best of your brand and capture your values in a way that welcomes your visitors in.

What your primary school website was built for
Beautifully, easily celebrate life in school

Think of all the amazing things that have happened in your school over the last few weeks. Have you been able to shout about those wonderful achievements? Features like News, Events and blogs make that possible and help paint a rich picture of life in school that engages your audience.

Built in tools to fuel engagement
Share your stories far and wide

Creating rich news content is one thing, sharing the wonderful things that happen in your primary school far and wide is another. Our built-in social media sharing options make this highly effective and incredibly easy.

60% of your website visits on a handheld device
Gorgeous and responsive

Your website has to be effective in reaching every part of your audience. That's why your website must be 'responsive' and work on every device. You'll get a beautiful, responsive website as standard.

Reach your audience with your own school app
Engagement App Included

Every primary school website we build comes packaged with a stunning parental engagement app that will pull the most important content from your website automatically. We were the first company to build an app hooked into your website and know why this is so important.

MIS Integrated Communication Tools
Optional Advanced Messenger Services

Through strategic partnerships with the UK's leading communication and engagement providers, your school website becomes what it is meant to be - the central hub for all your engagement activities. SMS, email and advanced app functions all in one.

Find out more about all features
... so much more

We're just getting started! If you'd like to find out about the huge range of features included as standard with every primary school website we build, click the link below.

Why we do what we do ...

Our team are passionate about building websites for primary schools that are incredibly easy to make a success of. We’re even more passionate about the work we do in Uganda to support some of the poorest children in sub-Saharan Africa.

That’s what drives us. By providing a truly outstanding service to our clients, we are able to support the projects we are passionate about. We love to schools to get involved too.

The more schools get involved with our projects, the greater difference we can make. This isn’t about corporate responsibility. This is what drives us forward.

Furthermore, our values define everything we do …


We always act in a way that shows integrity and honesty in all we do. Whether supporting clients, partners or our colleagues, we conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity.

Supportive & Knowledgeable

We strive to continually expand our knowledge and then work hard to pass on that knowledge to those we work with. We set and maintain the highest possible standards of support so that our clients never feel left behind.


Clients, partners and colleagues always find us approachable and friendly, warm and kind. We do what we say we will do and we are always giving in our approach.


We continually push the boundaries and strive to provide the best possible solutions to make life in school easier. We create our own with the express aim of only offering the very best possible solutions.

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We would love to chat through how we can help your primary school radically transform your online presence! Drop us a line, we'd love to chat through your exciting plans.

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