Managed Content Service

Would you welcome additional support in managing website content?

Many trusts do not have a dedicated resource for keeping on top of content – the people responsible for the website have other things to do! This can be a particular issue in the multi-academy trust sector where the volume of content is high and constantly changing. Trust websites are a central point of information for many stakeholders and act as a ‘shop window’ for recruiting new partners in a fiercely competitive market place.
The pressure on digital marketing support is therefore very high.
To support this we offer a low-cost service to manage content for you. This does not mean that sixth form staff won’t have access to the back end of the website to make changes – sometimes it might be appropriate to make an instant amend yourselves. It’s often the case that in-house staff concentrate on the news and events sections and leave us to keep on top of document management, marketing messaging and curriculum liaison.


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What's Included

This service is to help you feel that you have a dedicated member of staff at your disposal whenever you need them - particularly during intense times of the year.


  • Creating new pages and posts
  • Amending menus and submenus
  • Adapting content on existing pages
  • Adding and resizing images and galleries
  • Curating documents such as policies, procedures and prospectus
  • Adding calendar events
  • Embedding video content
  • Emergency and time-sensitive announcements on the home page (text, images, and pop ups)
A strategic project management approach

At the beginning of a content relationship we will work with you to create a project plan of the key content periods of the year - things that typically repeat at set times e.g. new term announcements, recruitment seasons, annual reports etc.

We will programme these into our project management system to prompt us to be proactive and remind you of a new content requirement. We can set these reminders at a time to suit you.

Pro-active Content Management - on your behalf

As an example, three weeks before the regular Autumn-term parents’ evening we will send you the content you published the previous year in an easy-to-view format:


 - Text with dates and times
 - Video
 - Download assets e.g. PDF reminder
 - Images
 - Online booking forms


You can quickly annotate this resource with the changes you wish to make and send it back to us to have published in good time for your audience.

The Cost

1-years content management service is £600

For the life of your website contract, 3-years content management is discounted to £1,500


Prices are our standard rates for individual schools but we will work with you to establish an affordable package based on the number of schools in your Trust and your specific needs.

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