Update from Uganda – A new house for Dennis, Joseph and Josephine

Following on from my previous post about Dennis, Joseph & Josephine, I wanted to write to you with some wonderful news. These beautiful triplets live with their grandmother because both parents died from HIV / AIDS-related illnesses. Until last year they weren't able to attend school, simply because they couldn't afford to. They can barely afford to eat.

Our partners at Our Father's House Ministries let us know that part of their house collapsed a few months ago. Without the means to do anything about this themselves, we were able to provide some support to the family.

Building a new home

The result is, the entire house has been rebuilt and the family are now safe and secure. The wider community came together and offered free labour to provide for this family, those who have nothing, giving all they have to care for those in need.

What an amazing thing to see!

These beautiful children are just three of the countless families throughout Uganda in desperate need. One of the main reasons our company exists is to be of whatever help we are able to these families.

We're also incredibly blessed to have a number of our client schools partner with us to provide for these families.

Times are hard all over the world and the needs seem to be growing here at home. Our feeling is that while needs are indeed becoming more and more acute in the UK, we shouldn't forget those to whom we have committed our help and support.

We would love you to join us in a project to help some of the most forgotten children in Uganda. Those on the very fringes.

Kitazgurukwa School

Kitazgurukwa School is a beacon of hope that provides a safe place and an education for children with disabilities and additional needs. Children that are often hidden away and given no opportunities.

Our project over the next twelve months is to try to raise £25,000 to build a hall at Kitazgurukwa school so the children have a place to play, learn and eat together. We hope that 50 schools will join us in aiming to raise £500 to meet this need. Then, if you'd like to join us as we venture to see the school built, or even be part of the project, you would be so welcome!

To get involved simply drop me an email at ian@schudio.com and let me know.


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