Why we Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day – Will You Join Us?

For Nicole and me, Schudio is more than just a business offering marketing, compliance, and communication solutions in the education sector. It’s a platform through which we aspire to make a meaningful difference. Our journey with Schudio has led us to engage in impactful projects, such as building schools in Uganda for children with disabilities and special educational needs, where such facilities are scarce.

However, our commitment extends beyond these projects to a day that holds a deeply personal significance for us: World Down Syndrome Day, observed on March 21. This day is a beacon of awareness, understanding, and advocacy for individuals with Down syndrome. The selection of March 21 symbolically represents the triplication of the 21st chromosome, the genetic characteristic of Down syndrome, highlighting the uniqueness of those it affects.

World Down Syndrome Day 2024

This day isn’t just about spreading knowledge of the condition; it’s a celebration of the diverse talents and contributions made by individuals with Down syndrome. It’s a call to action to recognise their rights, promote their inclusion in society, and advocate for equitable opportunities. The essence of World Down Syndrome Day lies in its ability to encourage a more inclusive and understanding society where everyone has the chance to thrive.

For our family, this day resonates on a deeply personal level. Our youngest son, who brings immeasurable joy and light into our lives, has Down syndrome. Daily, we navigate the challenges of ensuring he receives the care and opportunities he deserves. It’s a path marked by advocacy, resilience, and sometimes, a sense of isolation that comes from a world not fully attuned to the needs of those like him.

World Down Syndrome Day offers us a moment of solidarity and celebration. It’s a day when we can openly advocate for better support and increased awareness, in a society where tolerance and understanding are more crucial than ever. It’s a day of recognition for families like ours, who tirelessly work towards creating a more accepting and inclusive world.

This year, at Schudio, we will be celebrating World Down Syndrome Day by participating in the 'Lots of Socks' campaign. On March 21st, we will don odd socks as a symbol of our support and to spark conversations about diversity, inclusion, and acceptance. We would love you to join us in this simple yet powerful act.

As we celebrate this day, our focus is not just on those with Down syndrome, but also on the community that surrounds them. We acknowledge and appreciate everyone who strives to understand and support families like ours. This World Down Syndrome Day, let’s come together to champion the cause, celebrate diversity, and take a step towards a more inclusive society.

Education & Training about Down Syndrome for Teachers and Parents

You may also know that we work in several capacities to support children and young people with diverse needs and those around them to access the training and support they need.

We recently supported the Down Syndrome Resource Foundation in Vancouver, Canada to launch a range of world-class resources and courses. These courses are truly transformative in their potential to educate and upskill anyone supporting a child or young person with Down Syndrome.

The DSRF Academy is packed full of courses, all highly affordable and available on any device, include the DSRF Academy App.

Find out more and access this incredible training here.

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