Introducing the Schudio Expert Program

You must have heard me say it a thousand times. We love school website managers! Having worked with schools since 2011, we're regularly blown away by the effort and passion you bring to celebrating life in your school using online tools. We have formed some strong relationships with many of you over the years. Some of you are working at such a high level that we wanted to celebrate you and empower you even more. That is why we created the Schudio Expert Program - to do just that.

What is the Schudio Expert Program?

The Expert Program is created to bring together a group of school website managers. Experts come from a range of settings and locations.

Our aim is to provide a platform for other school website managers to learn from their most successful peers.

Every day, we see school website managers delivering exceptional content, high standards of communication and superb engagement.

Don't make the mistake of doing this in a vacuum. We see it too often - perhaps learned from observing and training, but very often figured out by individuals through hard work and determination.

The aim of the Schudio Expert Program is to bridge this gap and bring this knowledge into the hands of more school website managers.

The role involves supporting our wider Schudio Community and comes with an opportunity to contribute to our highly-trusted blog and our online speaking schedule.

Introducing our Schudio Experts

Schudio Experts are highly experienced in school website management - that's a given. But, they are much more than that. They know Schudio products inside out. Furthermore, these are trusted individuals who have direct input into the features we develop and provide advice and support to the wider Schudio Community.

Most importantly. they also have a long track record of delivering exceptional engagement within the local communities.

Over the coming weeks, we will introduce our Experts to you one by one. So, watch out for more announcements. We can't wait to bring together our amazing community more than ever.

How do I become a Schudio Expert?

Currently, the Schudio Expert Program is invitation only. As a team, we keep a close eye out for those of you who are excelling. We want to partner more closely with you. So, rest assured we see you and we see all you achieve. But, that's not to say that the program will always be by invitation. Watch out for ways that you can actively work towards becoming a Schudio Expert. There are a number of perks that come along with being a Schudio Expert!

Get started on your pathway to becoming a Schudio Expert, here are some actions to take:

  • Ensure your website is always fully compliant.
  • Celebrate consistently and regularly what is happening in your school.
  • Seek out opportunities to learn and hone your skills, engage with training opportunities such as our Live Workshops.
  • Share your knowledge with your peers - you can do this through our Facebook group or by joining our new Schudio Community, launching very soon.

In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us with any questions about the Expert Program and the wider Schudio Community.

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