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The Chilli Children Trust run a range of services to provide education, medical assistance and support to children with disabilities in Rukungiri, Uganda. We've been working with the trust for three years and the work is nothing short of wonderful. During the coming year we are going to be raising funds to build an assembly hall at the school we've been working at. Would you consider joining us?

The Project

Working closely with local builders and the in-country team from the Chilli Children Trust, we will be providing a much-needed extension to the special needs unit.

  • Add to the existing school structure that includes classrooms, dormitories, teachers house, kitchen and water harvesting system to provide a purpose-built assembly hall
  • New building added as an extension to the existing building and provide accessible paths to the new building
  • Install high-end solar facilities to power the new building
  • Kit out the hall with any required furniture
  • You will be invited to join me and visit the school once build is complete

The estimated cost for the project is £25,000.

We'd love you to join us as we raise the funds to build an assembly hall at the special needs unit at Kitazgurukwa School.

The Trip

Once the building is complete, (we're aiming for no later than 2020) you will be invited to join a team to visit the school with Ian, our Founder. The local Chilli Children team will produce a program that will make a huge difference to those we meet but also provide a life-changing experience for you. The trip will likely include visiting a number of schools and projects in the local community, teaching the students, training the teachers and some R&R to process all we've seen and experienced.

Stories from The Chilli Children

The building project is just part of a larger organisation that changes lives dramatically every day. Here are three short stories from past trips.


Firstly, I met Anita in 2015. Anita has spina bifida. She was living in her family home but left alone while all her family was away working and at school. She wasn’t able to walk and suffered from incontinence. There was no help available to her and was very vulnerable.

Because of the support that was provided through donations and the services that the Chilli Children provide, Anita was able to travel to a leading hospital in Uganda and receive specialist treatment. She has undergone a series of operations and receives ongoing physical therapy and is now able to walk and is thriving in school.


Secondly, Moses has cerebral palsy. He boards at Kitazgurukwa School at the Special Needs Unit built and run by the Chilli Children Trust. It is not an understatement to say that the love, support, care and ongoing teaching and treatment he receives has been nothing short of miraculous.

Moses is a boy full of joy and steely determination to succeed but it is the team in Rukungiri that has completely transformed his life.

And one more ...

Finally, I must tell you about a little girl who’s name I never learned. I met her in 2015 at the Chilli Children Life Skills Clinic, where families bring their children with disabilities and life-limiting health conditions. For many, it is the only place they can go and so they will walk for many miles to reach help.

This young girl presented as a baby of a few months old. Her mother had no idea what was wrong but knew there was something because she couldn’t get her to feed. As a result, the young girl was malnourished and struggling. She was actually 12 months old.

I happened to speak to her and noticed that, certainly physically, she presented as having Down’s Syndrome. Alongside Evas, who runs the clinic, we were able to explain what Down’s Syndrome is and what it might mean for her daughter. I was able to show her pictures of my young son who has Down's Syndrome and encourage her.

Evas was able to support the mother in helping this young girl to feed and she was discharged after a short time and is now doing incredibly well.

All of these children would not have had any future without the work of the Chilli Children Trust. The team works tirelessly and with passion to care for the treat those in desperate need.

Getting Involved

This is a worthwhile project and one we are wholeheartedly committed to. We'd love you to join us but fully understand that schools have established projects that they work with, which is wonderful. If you are looking, please do let me know. Just a small event will make a huge difference.

You know better than us how your school raises funds well but we have a range of resources available should you need ideas but, first things first, if you'd like to get involved then please drop me a line or, schedule time with me using my calendar below.

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