Your Schudio Year in Review 2020/21

If you haven't heard the team at Schudio say it before, we love school website managers!

Every year you achieve amazing things and this year has been no exception. Once again, you have had to battle through change. Once more you have had to push forward despite challenges. And once more, you have worked tirelessly to communicate effectively and powerfully with your school community. You're amazing.

We love partnering with you - over the past year, this is what we have been able to achieve together and what we're looking forward to in the coming year.

First of all, here's to you!

Here are some quick stats on what you've achieved ...

That's just a small snapshot of the things you have achieved through your school website this past year. Here's to you and all you've achieved!

What you've been learning about in 2020/21

SchudioTV launched back in September 2019 to provide online, on-demand access to high-quality training. The aim was to provide school website managers with the tools needed to excel at their jobs.

Well, so much has happened since that launch and, at the time of writing, almost 50,000 teachers and school staff have signed up to learn with us.

Lots of you have completed a range of courses in school website management, compliance, parental engagement, and more. We've had great feedback on these courses and continue to add new resources all the time. If you haven't taken advantage of some of the training available to you as a school website manager, check out some of our more popular courses and memberships below:

Compliance Changes

Changes to school website compliance are often released in September and/or January each year. Since covid, this has changed. We haven't seen a wholesale change very recently. But, there were a number of updates in September 2021.

When any changes are released, be that a single change or an entirely new set of requirements, our process immediately kicks into gear and we aim to have everything updated and in your inbox within 24 hours.

If you haven't already, download the latest edition of the School Website Requirements Guide for this year and get to work. Our team of experts are here to advise and support you as you go but take a look at our school website compliance services if you need any additional help.

In the past 12 months, over 3,500 school website audits have been completed using our school website compliance software.

Once again, here's to you for your commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of compliance in your schools.

Feature Updates & Partnerships

The Schudio School Website CMS continues to lead the way in terms of features and ease of use. This past year we have focused mainly on integrations and partnerships to expand the functionality of our CMS. We have launched integrations and services for social media management, email newsletter design and delivery and we're excited to launch a new partnership for a new and exciting era of parental engagement options.

We've also launched an integration with SchudioTV which means that all Schudio website clients can access all their online courses directly within the Schudio CMS.

Video continues to be a huge priority for schools and so we continue to evolve how we support the use of video through your school website.

This coming year will see more enhancements to the features you know and love, such as the school website compliance software, documents and policy manager and so much more.

Online Events & Workshops

SchudioCon was another big success this year but we have decided to head in a different direction for the coming year. Lots of companies are running full online events now and the sense is that the landscape has become saturated.

Our focus is shifting and in the New Year we will be launching a brand new podcast and a series of high-quality, standalone workshops. These will be built to empower and equip you to continue to do an amazing job in school. Watch out for more info!

Charity Update

These past two years have seen the work we do to support our partners in Uganda take an enormous hit. It's been so hard to see the impact of covid on those we support. Not so long ago, a single school provided all the equipment we needed to kit out a rehab centre for children with disabilities. It has become increasingly hard to raise this kind of support.

As a business, we continue to provide support to a number of projects though, and we're excited to gear up in the New Year to do all we can to engage with more schools and seek out greater partnerships.

There are a large number of children benefitting from health and educational support from the share of profits we put aside. But, it's important to highlight the 8 children we support directly as a business. These children are benefitting from quality education, clothing, food and provisions at a time when lots of organisations are struggling to raise funds to continue the work.

We are so grateful for your continued partnership, be that as a school website client or by simply using our courses at SchudioTV. Everything you do alongside us supports this work and it genuinely is why we exist as a business.

Thank you.

Things to look out for in 2021/22

This coming year promises to be hugely exciting! We can't wait to share with you the new features and services we are launching. Here's a little snapshot:

  • New Community & Experts Programme - we will shortly be launching a brand new community for anyone who is a school website client to offer peer-to-peer support. Alongside this, we will be launching a new Schudio Experts programme. We will be accepting applications but for now, we will be approaching some of our clients who are already achieving great things with our products and services and inviting them to join us in lots of exciting new projects.
  • New Thinkific Online Learning Services - over the past year we have been quietly working with a number of clients around the world to build high-quality, high-impact online learning. We are already accredited as Thinkific Experts and trusted by a growing number of high-profile partners. You can find out more about what we do here but watch out for more information about an online alumni platform, online work experience & careers services and lots more.
  • New Podcast & Workshops - until covid we loved meeting regularly with our clients for in-person workshops. Those days are gone. But, we're excited to launch an online version of our workshops alongside a new podcast to share regular updates and learning with you.
  • New Parental Engagement Partnership - we can't wait to launch a brand new partnership that will transform the options available to you to engage with your school community.

These are exciting times despite the continually shifting landscape and we're grateful that you're partnering with us through the journey. Thank you.

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