The Schudio Year in Review 2018/19

This year has been a fascinating time as we've continued to develop closer and closer partnerships with schools. We love working with you and there have been so many highlights.

Here's just a few!

First and foremost, here's to you ...

This year you've been incredible and reached school communities all over the UK with exceptional content. You have celebrated life in school like never before. We salute you, you're incredible! Here's what you've achieved.

  • 23,177 news articles published

  • 19,201 events advertised

  • 44,342 blog posts published

  • 2,373 app notifications sent to parents

  • 99,040 contact queries managed

You really are something else!

A Period of Unprecedented Development

These past 12 months have been an exciting time for developments, some of which you can see, some of which are more behind the scenes.

We've built new and improved features including live calendar sync with Google Calendars and Office 365, targeted notifications in the Schudio School App, a raft of new design options and a huge amount of behind the scenes improvements.

Clients can monitor all developments and changes through our Live Change Log and can, as of today, track the status of all our services through our Live Status Page. Also, subscribe through Slack and you'll be first to know on the rare occasion that we have any issues with any of our operations.

Exciting New Launches, Partnerships & Accreditations

This year has also been incredible for our schools in terms of the greater range of services and partners. We're always seeking the best possible ways to serve the schools we're lucky enough to partner with.

This year we've become BESA members, Approved Partners of LASBM and have forged strong partnerships with GroupCall, Community Brands, GDPRis, SchoolIP and many more exceptional organisations.

Over the coming months, we'll also be rolling out a program of services and some fantastic integrations, directly within the software that schools love us for.

Incredible Growth In Training

One of our favourite things is to welcome folks along to our training venue in Lancashire. We love spending time with clients, deep-diving into your specific needs and use-cases and learning from you.

This year has seen us completely transform our training offering.

We've added new expert-led sessions on school marketing and website management, seen record numbers at our in-person sessions and launched a brand new service, SchudioTV.

With budgets stretched and demands continue to grow, so online CPD and training for schools are vital. Because of this need, we're pioneering new and exciting ways to access inspirational content to expand your knowledge.

Our aim is to deliver inspirational training for teachers.

Over the next few months, we will be launching courses on School Website Compliance, School Communication Strategies, and Advanced School Website Management. Also, we're broadening this offer to include contributed content from experts in a range of fields. Courses will include Forest Schools, Attachment Theory, Avoiding Teacher Burnout and much more.

Also, our diverse range of in-person training continues to grow. We already run sessions throughout the year in partnership with the Down's Syndrome Association. Furthermore, over the coming year, we have plans to expand this offering.

Can we just take a moment to celebrate our wonderful team?

This has been a year of transition and challenges, but of continued growth. Our team is right at the centre of everything we achieve as a business. They are the ones who answer the phone, build websites, develop products and features and provide unrivaled support.

We're very proud of them for all their work to support our schools. But more so, we're proud of how they approach the challenges we all face and how they pull together to do an incredible job. We are proud of the way they serve and embrace our values of honesty, reliability, support, knowledge and innovation.

Schudio is a better business today because of the people in our business, the family that serves our schools.

Continuing to Support with our Charity Projects

Schudio exists to provide stellar services to schools. But it goes way beyond that.

Our passion is to make a difference. The projects we support in Uganda sit right at the very core of everything we do. Over the last few years we have been part of building a school for children with additional needs and a rehabilitation centre for disabled children.

We have launched our own project, Project25ZERO to support girls who are missing school when they have their monthly period.

We cannot thank the schools who have partnered with us enough and look forward to making a bigger difference every year.

Thank you for your feedback

Earlier this year we asked you for your thoughts and feedback on the service you receive from us. The purpose? To learn and get better.

We were blown away!

Here's what you told us?

  • 99% of clients were either satisfied or extremely satisfied with their school website

  • 95% of clients said our support team were very fast or extremely fast to respond

  • 93% of clients said our support team were very eager or extremely eager to offer support

  • 96% of clients said they were very satisfied or extremely satisfied with their customer service experience

  • 92% of clients would recommend us to a friend or colleague

Thank you so much for your continued partnership and helping us get better.

... and Looking Forward ...

And so to the next twelve months.

We can't wait to share with you some incredible developments, innovations and projects. Keep an eye out for new features to your school website software. There are some coming which will make a huge difference to the way you run your website and reach your wider school community.

Expect us to keep providing market-leading content and support on compliance. Ask us to help if there is anything we can do for you. Challenge us if we get it wrong and keep in touch.

Thank you once again for your continued partnership. We love working with you. Here's to an amazing summer and an exciting 2019/20!

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