Every website we build for every client comes with access to our powerful Schudio School Website CMS and all the features below as standard.

Our Schudio School Website CMS is completely bespoke, built from scratch, specifically for the education sector and empowers schools and colleges to take full control of their websites. Below are just a few of the powerful, rich features that are available to all clients as standard with no additional costs. The list grows month on month as we build and release new and exciting features; features that clients have requested. You won’t believe what’s possible and you won’t believe how reasonably priced it is.

Beautiful Responsive Design

All of our school websites are designed with the client in mind, and every single one responds to work on all types and size of device. Including smart phones and tablets.

We Transfer your Content

We transfer all your content from your existing site, and take the hassle out of switching provider. No limit on the number of pages or items of media.


Embeddable Media

Rich content makes your website better, we make it easy to embed media in your pages. Videos, flip-book documents (just upload a PDF, and we convert it).

New Features Added Regularly

We are always updating the Schudio system that runs your site, new features and updates will be available on your site at no additional cost. We keep your site future proofed.

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited pages, unlimited menus and menu items. Pages and menus are created separately – no untidy, unwieldy menus with every single page listed means you have total control over the structure of your site.


News & Events

Quickly and easily add News articles and upcoming Events so specific modules that are incredibly simple to use high effectively. One of the most important aspects of your school website and its a breeze.

Outstanding Support

We offer full support for your website, and are here to help if you get stuck. With a comprehensive online knowledge base and support system it couldn’t be easier to get help when you need it. (over 80% of support requests are responded to within 1 hour).

Photo Galleries

Attractive photo galleries embedded into your content with no fuss. Add as many images as you like and display photos of your recent event anywhere on your site.


User Accounts & Access Levels

Unlimited user accounts and customisable access levels provide flexibility to effectively manage your site. Allow access to a class page or blog. Set approvers for content created in the classroom.

Password Protected Area

An area of your website to store documents for governors, a staff area, or anything you choose. Restrict access to pages on your site so only the users you want see the pages.


Scheduled Publishing

If you’ve allocated time to spend on updating the website, then you should be able to. Get ahead of the game. Schedule news articles to go live on a future date.

Exceed OFSTED Requirements

We will advise you on what OFSTED look for on school websites, our specialist experience and knowledge of school websites we pass on to you. Full OFSTED Ready Website check as standard.

Social Links

Social links for sharing via twitter and facebook on each page. Embed your twitter feed on your site. Link to your social network pages. Quickly embed other social content within your site.


Google Analytics Integration

Integration with Google Analytics provides detailed information about the visitors to your site, how they behave, where they are, what device they are on. Powerful, feature rich analytics via GA as standard.

Google Translate

Select which languages are relevant to your school community, then quickly and easily add a snippet of code that includes a custom translation plugin powered by Google Translate

Includes FREE App

The FREE Schudio App uses the same system as your website. Update and add your content once, and present it on your website, and in app. Easy to manage and highly effective.


Image Editor

Crop, Resize, Rotate, Enhance, Filter, Reshape and a lot more advanced image editing features come as standard within our School Website CMS so you can get really creative.

Courses Marketing

Our courses module has been specially built to effectively promote all your courses. Choose our optional application system and potential students can apply direct from the page.

Job Vacancies

Advertise all your job vacancies clearly. Upload supporting documents. Choose our optional applications system and potential employees can apply online.


Integrated Calendar

An integrated calendar on your website. Add an event to your site, and it appears in the calendar, change the details, and it changes in the calendar. A quick look at what’s going on at your school.

People Module

Incredibly easy to add groups of Staff, Governors or other ‘People’ and quickly embed them into pages of content. It’s not a breeze to make great looking Staff pages in minutes with no coding knowledge.

Contact Form Quicklinks

Rather than adding email links to your content (SPAM nightmare!) our QuickLinks feature lets you link to the contact form on your website with the correct option pre-selected.



We offer a full blog system; a natural extension to our standard CMS which offers the option to have individual blogs for every class or even every student. Many schools we work with have a ‘My Life in School’ blog for every child.

Our blog extension is incredibly reasonable as an add-on for your website and offers a great way for students to engage with your new website.

**NEW** Absence Reporting

Every School Website comes with our new Absence Reporting Module as standard. Parents are now empowered to report their child’s absence through the school website.

Of course we include the option to disable this feature if you’re not comfortable with the feature but lots of schools are now using what is proving to be a really helpful feature.

**NEW** Document Module

Powerful & flexible options to quickly and easily add organised documents to your website. A brilliant tool to enable anyone to manage your Policies and Documents in one place.

Fantastic for managing and presenting all the text heavy documents on your site, making them easy to manage and easy to read direct in the page (a specific OFSTED requirement).


A few optional extras …


Live Chat

Your new school website can have an optional Live Chat feature, powered by Olark to empower you to engage current and prospective parents and students wherever they are and guide them through applications and offer general support.

Email Newsletters

School Email Newsletters from Schudio are fully responsive, which means they look great and are easy to read no matter what device they are being view on. Recent information shows that over 65% of emails are read on a mobile phone.

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Photography Services

Schudio School Photography Services cannot be beaten – Our photographer will visit you for an exciting day and take up to 1000 photographs that he will leave with you to use as much as you like, in any way you like.

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School Branding & Logo Design

Transform your existing school logo and brand into something vibrant, modern and eye-catching. Our design services are affordable and the results are fantastic.

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Advanced Training

Advertise all your job vacancies clearly. Upload supporting documents. Choose our optional applications system and potential employees can apply online.

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Primary School Website Design

Pain-free set up, easy to update, fun and engaging for parents and students.

Secondary School Website Design

High calibre school website design that effectively bridge the gap between home and school.

6th Form College Website Design

Powerful, feature rich and stunning. Your new 6th Form website will propel you forward.

FREE OFSTED Ready Website Report

We offer free, detailed OFSTED Ready Website check to every school.



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