Three reasons training is vital to your success

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They say knowledge is power, and at Schudio, we couldn’t agree more. One of our main goals is to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to use your website as a powerful tool to attract, engage and delight your parents. Pressure on schools is higher than ever, and we want nothing less than for you to feel confident, comfortable and free to use your website to the best of your ability. Investing your time in the appropriate school website training is vital.

Three reasons website training is vital to your success.

There are three reasons that training is absolutely vital to ensure your success.

When you launch a new website or you are new to the role, or even if you have not had any refresher training in a while, your ability to use a product simply isn't up to scratch. Consider all the things you do in your role at school. We have children with additional needs, and as an educator, you would never begin supporting a child with additional needs without a good understanding of that individual child and their specific challenges. You would invest time to make sure you were equipped to fulfil your role.

The same is true of any software you are using. You need the skills in place to be able to do your job.

REASON 1: Training saves time

Training is a time INVESTMENT. We notice a difference in the calls we receive from the clients who have invested the time to ensure they're fully trained in our products versus those who have not. Our goal is to free you up, to help you reach a level where you're confident enough to stretch us as your provider. We love nothing more. That's simply not possible without a strong foundational understanding of the product.

Ultimately, you will save a significant amount of time by investing the time commitment initially and periodically to get your skills to a good level and maintain that standard.

REASON 2: Training builds confidence - confidence = speed.

“Easy when you know how” - one of the amazing things we see happens with clients who have invested in ongoing training is that confidence levels grow quickly. And as confidence grows, so does the standard of output.

You will find that you are more creative, faster at completing regular tasks and keen to go deeper.

What's more, once you have developed your skills and increased your confidence, you can pass that knowledge on to others and delegate tasks. It's a common problem in schools that the burden of maintaining the website is on an individual. With infectious confidence, you can begin to draw others into the ongoing website management and ultimately save more time.

REASON 3: Training allows you to use tools more powerfully

Without training, you will never get past basic day-to-day activities. But, once you have taken the time to complete your training and are starting to build confidence, you can move on to use more advanced tools which will make your website more engaging for your audience. The Schudio School Website CMS comes with a huge range of features to dive deep into to bring your website content to life. Training is the most important aspect of reaching this level of skill.

These are strong reasons for committing to initial and ongoing school website training - but how do you access that? What options are available to you?

Options for School Website Training

School Website Training Option 1: Group Session

New year, new role? This can be a daunting task if you are responsible for the website in the new term or academic year.  We always recommend attending our in-person website software training if you are able. Sessions are monthly and included in any new and renewing website package.

This session is an in-depth walkthrough of all the parts of the system you need to be familiar with to represent your school online effectively. It is also filled with best practice tips that will inspire you to use your website innovatively and dynamically. The group sessions are ideal for new Schudio website users and those people who need some top-up training.

You'll also get to spend time with our experts and your peers to go deeper than just learn the functions of the software. Every month, these are fantastic, interactive sessions.

School Website Training Option 2: One to One

We often get calls from schools that have lost control of their sites. After years of continuously adding content and hardly removing anything, it results in a site that is a nightmare to navigate. When this happens, the best thing to do is sit with a member of the Schudio team.

We will take a look at your current site, listen to your website goals and work through your specific issues. We can help you clear the clutter and breathe life into your school website. As every school website is different, a bespoke session tailored to the needs of your school is exactly what you need.

There are different options for this style of training. You can either come to us at Schudio HQ, or we can come to your school. Either way, if you want to ask specific questions, a one-to-one session is the option for you. We would love to hear from you if you'd like to spend time directly with our team. Reach out to us at hi@schudio.com.

School Website Training Option 3: Online, On demand

We understand time is short and budgets are often low. Coming to training, although worthwhile, can be costly and an added pressure for schools trying to arrange cover. As a national company, we recognise that not everyone can come to the North West for training.

The solution to the problem is our online, on-demand training.

SchudioTv is our online learning platform, allowing schools access to expert training without leaving school. The courses are self-paced and full of helpful content. Training on using the software is free for all website clients, including the Essential and Advanced sessions. You'll be taken step-by-step through every area of the system and you can keep coming back at any time to relearn anything you need a refresher on.

A vital part of ensuring your success is the community around you …

As part of every school website package, you and your in-school team will receive access to The Schudio Community - a space for learning, teaching, leadership, and digital creatives in schools to come together and share ideas, and best practices and develop lasting connections with like-minded people. 

This is a thriving community of over 5000 of your peers, working together for the best possible outcomes. Our experts help lead these conversations and live sessions around creativity, teaching, learning, recruitment, celebration, community and Ofsted compliance.

Education is at the heart of everything we do. The ultimate goal of all our training is to make life easier for people working in schools.

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