School Charity Projects – 2018 Update | Future Plans

We're so privileged to be in a position to partner with some incredible projects in Africa as part of our school charity projects. There's some fantastic stories to tell, and you can read these below. But there are some fantastic plans for the future too. We'd love you to be involved. So, our hope is that these stories inspire you to join us in helping those among the world's poorest and most in need.

Chilli Children - Anita

Many of you will remember that Ian met Anita on his very first trip to Rukungiri, Uganda back in 2015. Anita was unable to walk, was left unsafe and alone every day. She wasn't able to go to school and was very lonely.

Anita's life has completely transformed because of the support she has been given through the Chilli Children.

The most recent update from Anita is brilliant because we hear that she is walking, able to manage her own toilet needs and is thriving in an exceptional school. So, you can read the full update here: Anita's Success

While Anita has been thriving and growing, partner schools have raised thousands of pounds to help provide resources and equipment for the new Rehab Centre, which was opened in January 2018. You can read a beautiful report from the opening on the Chilli Children Facebook page.

Mosaic Vision - Timothy

One of the most heartbreaking issues we encounter in Uganda is the painful reality of child-headed families. It's a common problem in countries where HIV/AIDS is rife and where poverty is a critical issue. Also, children are left alone when their parents die. In Timothy's case, he is left to look after his siblings.

Through sponsorship and the amazing work of Mosaic Vision, children like Timothy are loved, provided for and given an education. Furthermore, schools can sponsor a family like Timothy's and make a real difference to their future.

To read the latest update on Timothy's family, check out this link: Lost Hope Restored by Love - Mosaic Vision


The project set up in partnership with Mission Direct by Nicole and Ian is coming to the end of it's first full year. The future is exciting. A handful of secondary schools have get involved and blown us away by their dedication. Also, plans are in place to have resources ready to help as many teenage girls stay in school from September as possible. Because of this support, we hope to provide for at least 100 girls this year alone.

For the latest updates and information on getting involved visit our dedicated website here: Project25Zero


Mission4Water do an incredible job and this year have celebrated successfully digging their 100th well! The most recent was installed in western Uganda. "The Town Council had begged for help because the current water source was causing the pupils at the nearby Primary School to fall sick yet they had no budget to provide a new source of water." Amazing work!

So, if you'd like to chat about supporting Mission4Water then get in touch.

World Down's Syndrome Day 2018

It was wonderful to see so many schools getting involved in raising awareness on March 21st for World Down's Syndrome Day. Lots of folks wore lots of socks and celebrated diversity and the lives of those who have Down's Syndrome, and those who care for them. Thanks for your ongoing support - when there are discussions about making it easier to diagnose Down's in the womb and the impact that has, it really means the world.

Plans for 2018/19

We're so excited about the coming year because we have trips planned to the Dominican Republic, Rukungiri in Uganda and Sierra Leone. All of these trips are through our partnership with Mission Direct, the UK based organisation of which Ian is a board member and our key strategic partner.

More details will be available very soon on our specific plans but we would love you to get involved. Here's how ...

Get Involved

Why not get involved with the projects we partner with over the next year? Here's a few ways you can get stuck in.

  • Partner with us - we love schools to join forces with us to raise funds and awareness for these amazing projects. We are able to provide a direct link to those working on the ground and visit the projects personally to report back to school. Your students will be fully engaged with the project through ongoing updates, names and stories of those you support. We ensure that you will truly feel part of the work you are contributing to. You can find full details of everything we're currently involved with by reading about our School Charity Projects.
  • Donate or Sponsor - if you would like to sponsor a child personally or as a class or whole school, we'd love to link you into the right partner. Just contact us to chat that through.
  • Come on a Mission Trip! We would just love you to come and visit the projects with us! Mission Direct run all trips and there are specific visits available for teachers. So, if you'd like more information about joining a team, or running your own trip as a school through Mission Direct then contact ian@schudio.com directly.

To all of those who are partnered with us currently, thank you SO much for your ongoing support. You are quite literally changing lives.

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