Lost hope restored by love – Timothy’s Story [Mosaic Vision]

As you know, Schudio support a number of charities working in Uganda. They work tirelessly to love and care for those that have nowhere else to go. Timothy is supported by Mosaic Vision, one of our partners. This is his story ...

"It is one thing to lose parents but it yet another to abandoned/rejected by your own parents because of HIV/AIDS. Meet Timothy Mwongera, a soft spoken but visionary young man, a 3rd born of his 4 siblings.

Timothy was born to 2 loving parents like any other normal child until the AIDS scourge came in and disorganized their family. The father first knew about his living with HIV/AIDS when he feel sick to the point of death and when he was tested, he was told that he has HIV/AIDS. When the mother came to know about this, she abandoned him in the hospital knowing that he will die and left to where no one knows to date.

Timothy was 7 years by then and his younger brother was 5 years old when the mother left as well as his elder siblings who had already left their home to do odd jobs due to their father’s inability to pay their school fees. With this pain, Timothy’s elderly paternal grandmother stepped in to support. Unfortunately, the grandmother was already staying with eight (8) other grand children who all lost their parents and were given to her to take care of. Worst of all, she is also HIV positive and was always sickly especially due to stress and depression  of the children she had to take care of.

So, there she was to take of her son and her 2 grand children (Timothy and Mark).

Luckily enough, the father was healed and discharged and went home with his mother. After a few months of recovery, he left and didn’t even tell his mother where he went and left both Timothy and Mark with the grandmother making the number of dependant grand children TEN (10)!!!!

The grandmother struggled with the children from what to eat, to what to put on, to school fees all of which wearied her out. This family was a concern to the village and some good Samaritans started giving them some little food once in a while till they all one by one stopped and the grandmother returned to her state of struggle.

Our all knowing God knew about this elderly widowed grandmother and orphans that He chose to assign Mosaic Vision Ministries with the care of this family in February 2016. Since this time, all the educational, health, spiritual and physical needs of all the TEN children have been and are still being met.

When I talked to Timothy about what he desires to be, he said; ‘I would like to study and be a teacher so that I can be responsible and respected in my community. Also, I don’t want to be a hooligan because I have seen that all hooligans are always school drop outs or those that never went to school at all!’

With Mosaic Vision Sponsorship, Timothy’s dream will indeed become a reality. Thank you to all the sponsors that make all this happen through Mosaic Vision Ministries."

If you would like to know more about how you can get involved in supporting children such as Timothy, drop Nicole a line at the office or email nicole@schudio.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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