Look Who’s Walking …

In June last year Ian visited south western Uganda to take part in a short term mission trip to help building work on a SEN school and spend time with some incredible people around the region. We've just received some wonderful news.

During the trip I had to joy of meeting somebody very special. In July I wrote about Anita, a girl who has been paralysed from the waist down having suffered with hydrocephalus a few years ago.

Anita's days were spent on her own, left in a position of vulnerability while her family were off at school and work, all doing their best for her.

We were able to provide a bit of help to try to see what could be done to improve Anita's future. We didn't have a huge amount of money but we had enough to provide her with some care at one of the top hospitals in the country.

Anita's prospects initially weren't very good; they didn't expect her to be able to walk again, to gain control of her personal needs or to go to school again. Very quickly things looked up dramatically because of the reasonably small amount of money we were able to leave behind and Anita was in school and receiving some help.

Yesterday we received some incredible photos that show Anita has taken her first few steps following some difficult but successful treatments and we wanted to share with you the difference that a little effort can make to utterly transform a young life.

This week I will be visiting 2 of a growing number of schools to tell some of the stories of life in Uganda, the difficulties families face every day, and the hope and the joy that is possible by offering a little help. We would love you to get involved. If you would like to know more, please email me personally.

Here's a few photos to tell just a little bit of the story.


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