Apps We Love: Innovate My School

Ok, so strictly speaking Innovate My School isn't an App but if you count really useful resources as an App then we're fine!

The reason for adding Innovate My School into our hall of Apps We Love is because we don't think there is a better resource out there for teachers and school leaders who are looking to be inspired to grow in their roles and to embrace powerful, exciting and of course innovative progress in the world of education.

Innovate's vision is to "inspire the education sector by showcasing, through a range of platforms, the best in education innovation by teachers and industry experts from around the world."

Through brilliant speed-dates and innovative and engaging content they offer an unrivalled resource to everyone working in schools and colleges to access fantastic and inspiring content.

This time of year is why they truly deserve a mention here because we see the release of their annual guide and it is most definitely one of the most important things you can read this year. If you're looking for real inspiration in all areas of your school, if you're looking to hear from your peers on their experiences, struggles and joys, if you're looking to see what are the trends and cutting edge technologies available at the moment and what is coming up this year across the board, then download the Innovate My School Guide today.

There's a little case study in there from one of our brilliant clients at Carleton Green Primary School but do download and have a good read.

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