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Following my recent visit to Uganda, we have been searching for ways that we, as a company can make a difference. While I was there, we spent time with Sue Morgan and met some of the team from Mission4Water. The work they do over there is fantastic because, as many Ugandans say, "Water is Life".

The reality of life in Uganda is regular trips down to a dirty well with a jerry-can to draw unsafe water from a poorly maintained borehole.Young girls can be raped fetching water late at night. Young children can be punished in school because they have had to wait in line for much needed water before their school day. Water borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera and dysentery as well as malaria carrying mosquitos lurk in these waters. People then get sick and can't provide for their families and of course some, sadly die.

Mission4Water is a Christian NGO that change people's lives by installing simple, effective, safe boreholes and shallow wells in every part of Uganda.

Please be assured that the money we donate goes directly to paying local workers to carry out the installations and is not absorbed by the running of a large charitable organisation, something we are very keen to avoid.

Every year, twice a year, our Director's will take a decision to allocate a portion of company profits to the work of this fantastic organisation and will aim to dig at the very minimum one well per year. We are aiming a lot higher.


When we have made a decision we will be in touch with a number of schools that we have started working with leading up to the decision. We will then invite these schools to become involved by sharing the story of the well that will be installed and once completed, send photos and information that can be shared with your school community. We will also ensure that the names of the schools who have started working with us that period will have their name engraved on the plaque we will ask the team to install on that well.

We very much hope that you will join us as we look to make a real, tangible difference to as many communities as possible in Uganda by providing safe, clean water to those in need.

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