Summer reading – Key school website information

Your school website is all about reaching people. Everything you do day to day to keep your school website information up to date should be with your readers so your audience in mind.

That's why the information you put on your school website is so important; even the deathly dull stuff!

In this short post we'll just have a quick recap on the most useful pieces of school website information and how you can keep them up to date easily.

Curriculum information on your school website

Your school website should contain all relevant information about your curriculum. There are mandatory bits of information you have to publish to ensure you have a fully compliant school website. But you're website is also a brilliant opportunity to present information in a way that engages a wider audience than just inspectors.

The key is to make sure three key things are nailed on. The Content, The Display and The Action. Read Ben's blog below for an in depth review of your website.

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Using student profiles to encourage deeper interaction

Get your curriculum information sorted and presented brilliantly then add student profiles. They need to be linked to relevant content, that's essential. You will then find users are naturally encouraged to dig deeper into of your school website information.

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Add enrichment activities to your school website

There's so much going on outside of the classroom in every school! It's one of our favourite things about partnering with schools to build website that capture their true ethos. You just have wonderful things going on all the time! Making is easy for your audience to get a rich picture of life in school is one of the most important aspects of any school website.

That's why your school website information should always include lots of great content about enrichment. Read the article below for some great tips on how you can use your website really powerfully in this area.

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Your School Website Policies

Yes we know, how dull! The most boring part of any school website has to be the policies. Sadly, they're incredibly important. For instance, did you know that some schools have not even met the inspectors? They haven't even come to school because the website has been so far from compliant. Getting your policies ready for OFSTED is really important. But actually, having them in place is a great sign of a fantastic school; because it means you're working hard to anticipate needs and problems before they arise.

Here's some invaluable advice on presenting your school website policies perfectly every time.

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Get reading and prepare for the school year ahead using these essential blog posts. They're all written in-house, by our own experts who spend every day working with schools to deliver the best possible school website.

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