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Here at Schudio we pride ourselves in offering thorough, effective and relevant school website support. Parents, carers and the general public will use your website as their main source of information. Therefore it is essential that you can access support, if required, to keep your site up to date and engaging. For this reason we invest much of our time in support. Whether it is offering direct support to individual clients, producing helpful content or perfecting our processes.

Here's how we make sure you have school website support at all times:

Help is just a click away

There is nothing more satisfying than answering a question yourself, and we have the tools to allow you to do so. Our knowledge base holds the answers to all of your “How to…” questions often supported with a video tutorial. A user can be access this in our CMS by hitting the green support icon in the bottom left corner. You can search our knowledge base for step by step tutorials to guide you through a process. If you cannot find the answer to your question in the tutorials or require further assistance that's fine! Send a message via the support system, email us or pick up the phone and give us a call. We are always more than happy to help.

The message function is the best way to send a support request to us. It will not only send your message but also capture helpful information that can assist us in diagnosing your problem. When the support team have identified the solution to your school website support request we will respond either by phone or email.

Regular training

Staff changes, can cause chaos for your school website. It may be that the person responsible for your website is not familiar with the system and needs to start at the beginning. That is why we make sure you are never waiting long for the next training session. Each month there are two opportunities to join us for our Introduction to Schudio CMS training. Either at our venue in Lancashire or online via livestream. The session includes a detailed demonstration of how to use the system and some best practice tips.

It may be that you are comfortable with updating your site and are ready to go to the next level. There are monthly afternoon training sessions where we look at different aspects of your online presence such as advancing your site, social media strategy and best practice.

Helpful content

There is a weekly blog available where we focus on a specific page or topic relating to school websites. This will help you not only make sure the information is present on your site, but help you to build these pages in a clear, creative and compliant way.

The Schudio ofsted checking tool is a fantastic way for you to make sure your school website is Ofsted compliant. Our Ofsted experts are always monitoring changes to the requirements and updating the tool accordingly so that you won't be caught without mandatory information on your site.

What’s next for School Website Support?

As mentioned previously, offering amazing school website support is one of our top priorities. We regularly reflect on and refine the support process to ensure you have all the resources to maintain your school website.  The support team logs all support requests in our internal support management system. This allows us to analyse common areas where additional support is required. With this information  we can take the following action:

Knowledge base expansion

As our features develop so does our knowledge base. We review and update the knowledge base often as we release new features and identify common support needs.

Online drop ins

We will be launching 20 minute online drop in sessions each month where you can watch a live video with a member of the support team. Each month we will look at a new feature or a common support issue from that month and work through that part of the system. Keep your eyes peeled for details of the very first one!!

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