Enrichment Activities on your school website

Day to day schools and colleges have so many things going on! That's a great thing from a Content Marketing point of view; you have great stories to tell every day. Sharing those stories, talking about enrichment activities on your school website is one of the most important things you can do online. (Your website partner's job is to make that easier for you by the way! ^IR)

It's also a great way of sharing with prospective and current parents alike the things that students can get involved with that run outside of the normal school day. Schools that put a little bit of thought into how they deliver this content reap the rewards. Schools that don't give this any thought are missing a trick.

Clubs & Groups - Increasing Engagement

I'm sure you'll have lots of things running around school hours that offer an opportunity for students to join clubs and groups. They're a brilliant way of fostering strong links with the wider community and a depth to the school's offering. Whether you run that yourself, in-house or outsource to an agency (we love FUNDA), the benefits are significant.

Where does your website come into this? Well, with good website software you'll have the opportunity to talk about the clubs and groups running in and around school. Your website is a great place to promote these activities and get more and more people along to them.

Your website is the best tool you have to see a greater take up in these activities and greater engagement through their promotion. So how do you achieve that?

Sharing Stories

Like many parts of your school website, telling the story well will bring people into the content. When they're brought into the content they'll engage more and more.

Your website software should make telling these stories incredibly easy. You're looking for a tool that allows you to celebrate the brilliant things that happen in your clubs and to promote events. It should also give you the option to link your content together. If you write a great news piece about one of your clubs, you should be able to see that news article from the specific club page. That simple feature will naturally drive users through your website more. That increases their engagement with your school.

Encourage more Involvement

Once you've engaged your users more by shouting loudly for all to hear about the great things going on in your club, don't be surprised if more people are interested in taking part! That's the goal isn't it? To have a thriving hub of activity around your school with lots of amazing things happening every day. Sharing your stories will lead to greater engagement and uptake.

Creating & Promoting Enrichment on your Schudio School Website

If you're already using the Schudio School Website software, hopefully you'll be making full use of the Activities module. You can create pages for each club and group and then set to work on telling the stories. You've also got the option to get different members of the community actively involved. Get them writing and sharing this content with you. Naturally, you can approve their content before it goes live on your website. But make the most of the people who are most engaged to engage others!

We'd love to hear about how your school is promoting clubs and groups through your website and we'd love to support you in improving the offering. Talk to us about your existing website and, if you're not currently a Schudio School Website member then why not ask us for a full product walkthrough.

Get telling those brilliant stories!

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