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Being born with a disability in Uganda means life as a second class citizen. Children are very often shunned by their own families and don't get a good education. The church in the Rukungiri region has a completely different message: "every child is a blessing from God".

Next June, Ian will be going to Uganda with Mission Direct for 2 weeks to help build a good school for the region's children with disabilities. Kitazigurukwa School is specifically designed so that children with additional needs can benefit from the standard of education other children in the region enjoy. It is located next door to the mainstream school, so that both groups of children can learn and play together.

This is very personal project for us; Nicole & Ian have a little boy with Down's Syndrome and he has inspired us to try to make a small difference in some children's lives that are not as fortunate as us.

Schudio is paying for all incurred expenses involved in the trip and we hope that you will join us in raising as much money as possible for this important cause.

Get Involved

fundraising_downloadThere are lots of ways to get involved in the project from learning a little more about Uganda and it's people, to supporting the project financially throughout the year. We would love to you be involved and will support you in any way we can. 

If you would like to look at fundraising for the project in Rukungiri then download the fundraising pack linked on this page or get in touch - we may be able to come and visit school to help you promote the project.

Please also check out our ONLINE GIVING PAGE and encourage your school community to help raise funds

We will be telling more of the story of the project over the coming months and hopefully together we can make a real difference. For us this isn't a short term, one time project, we aim to support this region for a number of years. Please do get involved.


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