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We've been busy working away over the summer and we are delighted to share with you our fully redesigned and responsive website.

When thinking about a new website one of the biggest questions you have to ask is "Why?"

We decided to re-design partly due to the age of our site. Our last update was over a year ago, and were in need of a website that better reflected the style and feel of the company. But we haven't just benefited from a shiny new website. Spending time on a website design of our own has allowed us to experiment with new technologies and learn new skills. We're looking forward to translating some of the things we've learnt from the development of this site into future projects.

With the number of websites we build for schools and colleges we have a tried and tested method for developing great websites. As a client you may not see all of these development stages, but we make sure each one happens to ensure your site is the best it can be.

First of all we spent lots of time planning, and working on our website requirements for both ourselves and our customers. Starting with this step and not rushing gives a really good foundation to build from, "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail".  We enjoyed working through the requirements of our site, and stripping back everything unnecessary and allow the content to flow naturally, while still keeping a fun and friendly feel.

Then comes design, development and testing. After planning our site we knew our content and roughly how it was going to be displayed. We quickly built up the site by prototyping each part and testing in parallel. Starting from scratch and following our plan allowing us to rapidly build up our new site.

And finally evaluation. Checking the site fulfils it's purpose. This is an ongoing process, assessing needs and changes to the requirements and includes feedback from our users.

We're really pleased with the result. Let us know what you think, tweet us @schudio, or send an email to info@schudio.com.

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