In Rukungiri a little can go a long way…

How was your Christmas?

We had a quiet Christmas at home this year. We still managed a few surprise gifts for our teenagers, and this was the first year where Arran, our 7-year-old who has Down Syndrome, seemed to more fully understand what was happening and his excitement was contagious.

Christmas of course rarely looks like the 'Season’s Greetings' cards we see come through our letterboxes. It looks different for most of us in varying ways. Although for a large number of us in western society there are usually presents, an indulgence of rich foods, the snapping of crackers and often snapping of over-stimulated children followed by the snapping of exhausted parents.

For many in rural Rukungiri Uganda, this is not a familiar picture and Christmas is often just another day much like any other day of the year. No decorations, no extra treats, no presents and often just like any other meal, no meat.

The good news is, in Rukungiri a little can go a long way.

So we are thrilled to share a few beaming faces of delight this Christmas from the red dust of Uganda as Schudio’s little gift made a huge difference practically and more importantly to their worth, to know they are seen and they are cared for, that they are valued and they are loved.

The wonderful charity, Mosaic Vision Ministries prefers to purchase the gifts in January when items are cheaper and the money, therefore, goes further. We look forward to hearing from them once Timothy has received his gifts.

Here are the gorgeous triplets Joseph, Josephine, and Dennis ...

Dear Ian, Nicole and family, Greetings from Uganda, praying you are all well. We want to thank you for your continued support to the triplets they are the most excited and now living like any other normal child. They were happy to receive food, clothes and some balance money..which they used to buy meat and drinks during Christmas. You may not know but most families can go for years without eating meat....so having to eat it on Christmas was such a good treat and I want to join them to thank you all for your love and kindness. Here they are posing with food, new clothes, and shoes.

May God bless you

Martin - Our Father's House Ministries

And the beautiful Anita ...

Dear Ian and Nicole.
Happy New year to you and your family.
I'm sending you a picture of Anita today as she came to pick her new dress and her towel.
Her mum came with her.
And to get started to prepare for school.
She has grown so much.


Chilli Children

As you can see from the photos Anita and her family also were provided with food plus a few extras over the holidays that will last well into the new year.

It is a huge privilege to support these amazing children and their families.

If you would like to know more of what the Schudio team are doing in Rukungiri this year here’s where to find out more, please do contact us for more information if your school would like to come alongside us in supporting this project. Our charity packs are ready and waiting to be sent out to you. Ian and Nathaniel from Schudio will be travelling out to Rukungiri in early July. We look forward to hearing the stories of their adventures on their return.

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