How to achieve great school communication with your school website

Life often likes to throw us little curve balls and life at school is not exempt from this. Hundreds of people are affected by news at school so its important to deliver this news clearly and quickly. Issuing letters takes time, is hard to manage and is costly. And what if something happens out of school hours? The most time-efficient way to improve your school parental engagement and communication strategy is to embrace technology. Let me share with you some solutions that you can access within the Schudio School Website Software:

Website Software

A clear website strategy will help you to encourage a culture of checking the school website amongst your parents. If you form good habits, for example having a regular news day, people will get into the routine of visiting your school website to find out what is going on at school. Make sure your news article is informative and engaging by including images and other media.  This will result in parents and carers valuing the website as a reliable and up to date source of information. If the website can be trusted it will become peoples first port of call if they need information regarding school.

There is great power in having parents that visit your website. If there is information that you need to roll out quickly, the best way to communicate to a lot of people is online. People can read your full account of the news first hand. Rather than hearing on the grapevine or waiting for a letter to come home with their child. A detailed website is vital for your school communication.

New Feature - Alert Bar

We have another new feature for you! The "Alert Bar" can be used to add a coloured strip to the top of your school website. It is eye catching and can include a link to a news article or page with important information on it. This will be immediately visible to people who access  your site. By using a bold colour this will catch peoples attention. The bar remains in place no matter what internal page a visitor flicks to, unlike splash images and banners.

School App

Do you use the Schudio app that is included in your website package? This is a great way to keep people up to date with life at school. As content is published to the website calendar, news , events and blog content is also published to your app. So you do the work once and it is available on both the site and the app.

Users who have downloaded the Schudio app and selected your school as their chosen school will receive notifications. This is great for out of school hours communication. You can schedule notifications to be sent at any time of day. So if you think 6pm is a great time to remind parents to pack their childs PE kit for the next day, you can make the site do the work. School communication has never been easier!

Email Services

Email is a great way to get information out to people. Most people now receive emails straight to their smartphones. This means you can contact them without the need for them to download the Schudio app or relying on them visiting the website. However standards are high! You will know from personal experience that the most noticeable emails in your inbox are more than just text on a page or a PDF attachment. They are branded, bright, beautifully designed emails.

Its time for your school to get on that level. You have to compete for attention and space in peoples inbox. Email is too powerful to ignore. Here at Schudio we can design you an email template that fits in with your school branding and colours. As part of our email package we will also get you started with importing your contacts so you are ready to make an impact.

School communication made easy

If you are still unsure of the best method of keeping your parents and carers in the loop then why not book a strategy meeting with us? We will take a look at your school dynamic and make some helpful suggestions for your school communication strategy. to make sure you can establish and maintain a great process of passing on information.

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