How COVID-19 is affecting life in Rukungiri, Uganda

Martin Duhimbaze runs one of the charities we support in Uganda, Our Father's House Ministries.

Martin created the NGO to support children in Rukungiri, Uganda who are orphans and have no support. We currently support a family of triplets, Dennis, Joseph and Josephine through OFHM.

This is the latest update from Martin in Rukungiri, telling us how COVID-19 is affecting life there. Have a read of the letter from Martin below and check out the photos. We are aiming to provide a clean water source for the family so please drop me a line at ian@schudio.com if you would like to support the project.

Greetings from Our Fathers House Ministries-Uganda.

Thank you so much for being concerned for the well being of Dennis, Joseph and Josephine. The government has done best to put measures to prevent the spread of COVID 19 and we are proud that it seems to be working well though with a few challenges of most families going hungry.

Uganda has so far confirmed 55 cases of COVID-19, Zero death and 22 have so far recovered and sent home. We thank all those that have supported us get food, soap and other few supplies to the children.

I am proud to say the day we got to know about COVID-19 I and team prepared to meet and took messages to protect those we serve.... and they are following very well, most of our families have built safe places to drink clean water but also to wash hands with soap without touching the handle... Below i

s the photo of our staff teaching how to wash hands properly, fixing and using a water filter.

We are all responding to COVID 19 by practising social distancing and self Isolation. Unfortunately so many families have been affected in many ways especially those who have been doing casual jobs like Boda Boda riders, tax drivers, conductors, roadside food vendors, hawkers and others have been affected as they can no longer work and therefore have no food to eat... I am glad the government of Uganda is planning to deliver some food to help them and we are also continuing to make sure our children and their families are safe from the virus.

We cannot really stop to thank all those praying and supporting our work to save needy children, please continue to pray that COVID 19 is controlled globally. Pray for so many children waiting to get sponsored.

May God bless you
Martin Duhimbaze- Team leader.

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