Christmas is just around the corner…

Christmas is a really busy time of year within schools, there’s usually lots going on from Christmas concerts, parties and non-uniform days, all great events that can offer you great website content!

Here are some handy tips on how you can incorporate these events within your site.


Most parents’ will first visit your calendar to see any upcoming events and dates worth noting. All of our websites have a built in calendar that’s easy to update with full events that have a write up and images, as well as events that just require the date and a name. Making sure that your calendar has all your upcoming events for the following few months can really help parents to plan for things in advance. So if you’re planning a non-uniform day close to the end of term at Christmas, make sure this is noted in your calendar.


They say a picture says a thousand words, so you want to make sure that the images on your website are as eye-catching and great as can be. In our websites we provide a few options and spaces for you to regularly update images. Having new images showing every week or every two weeks, can really help to refresh your site just with a few clicks.

The Banner option on your Schudio website is where you’ll add your main images for your homepage. You can add text to your images easily by using the built in Adobe image editor which you can read more about

Some great uses of your Banners at this time of year can be promoting your event and linking the banner to the event page, using images of previous christmas or festive events within school or even just some of your school's christmas decorations to give your site a more personal touch.


Splash Images

Have you ever been to a website and immediately been shown a pop up window to promote something? They’re pretty hard to ignore and that’s why they’re so effective. The Schudio CMS allows you to easily add these popup images to your website and we call them Splash Images. They’ll show up for every new visitor to your website but only once to avoid annoying your frequent visitors.

You can even link your splash images so you can have the image clicking through to the event page to show the full event details. This could also be a great way to display any big achievements in school, class/house points or anything you want to shout out about!


We want to help you to get the most out of your website, so we’ve created a handy planner that you can download here for FREE.
The Schudio Planner is is the definitive guide to using your school website effectively all year round and includes insightful, helpful advice on key tasks and when to carry them out.

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