Charity Work


mission-directAs a company we are committed to working closely with our partners in Uganda, a country that has a special place in our hearts. We work closely with UK based charity, Mission Direct, to bring a little help to the most vulnerable and in need families throughout Uganda. 

The work involves both Nicole and I taking time to work in country, to get alongside key projects and meet the workers and families over there as much as possible. All the charities we support are financed in such a way that means every single penny your school raises goes direct to the work on the ground in country. No money is spend on charity administration as this is funded elsewhere; the money you raise is fully ring-fenced.

Partner Charities

We currently work with 3 charities in Uganda, all of which are Christian charities bringing good news and practical help to rural communities through hands-on support and financial assistance.

customlogo1Chill Children Trust is the organisation with which we have the most involvement and which is one we are very much dedicated to focus on primarily at this time. 

The Chilli Children Project in Uganda provides a number of vital services to the local community for children with additional needs and their families. They run a chilli growing income generating project for families, life skills clinics for families in need, offer medical outreach to the most rural parts of western Uganda, fund surgery where required and provide education to children with additional needs at a number of schools throughout the country. 

The project show love and kindness to these children that are forgotten by society at large and offer them a future.

mission4waterMission4Water – is run by Sue Morgan and Sunday Geoffrey Augustus, both Directors of this small NGO which digs wells in much needed areas all over Uganda. They have to date installed nearly 100 wells and through work with schools and our company, Schudio, we raise money and awareness for their work. Mission4Water is an NGO in Uganda and registered charity in the UK.

Mosaic-Vision-logoMosaic Vision – ‘Child headed homes’ is one of the biggest challenges in Uganda, where thousands of children are left orphaned because of the spread of HIV and AIDS. 

This wonderful charity support these families by moving children to live with other families, or by providing ‘surrogate’ parents to these children and finding sponsorship. The children can then access healthcare, education and look forward to a future other than abject poverty, rejection by society and ultimately a very early death.

School Involvement

Our company currently works with around 200 schools around the UK. A growing number of these are committed to raising money for these charities throughout the school year. 

Schools are often hugely excited to get involved because every penny they raise goes directly to the work on the ground; no money is absorbed by any administration costs for ourselves or any of the charities we work with. 

They can also see the personal impact their efforts have on a local community as Nicole and I visit schools to run assemblies and the stories of the specific children and families that the money they have raised has helped. 

In-Country Work

Currently, at least once a year, Nicole or I visit Uganda to be actively involved in the work on the ground, to build relationships with those running the charities out there and to meet the children and families who need the support we’re able to provide.

Over the coming months we will be working towards taking teams from churches and schools to visit the projects to get involved in the work that is being undertaken first hand. 

Our Motivation

We are a Christian company and we are passionate about doing all we can to help those in need. That is why we set up the business originally and what motivates us to do the very best job we can for all our clients. We also have a son, Arran, who has Down’s Syndrome and he has been a significant motivation for us. We’d love you to meet him and we’d love you, as a school, to get involved in helping us make a big difference to the lives of all the children we meet.

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