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Document groups are one of the most widely used features of the Schudio school website software. Shared document groups will improve this popular feature. Making the functionality even more useful for groups of schools, federations, and multi academy trusts. Document groups provide an easy solution to managing and updating policies and other documents at your school. Saving time and makes updating an easy and quick process. In addition to helping meet school website requirements around readily accessible content.

Given that we can share centrally managed documents throughout a website onto multiple pages. The next step to make things easier for schools is to share the documents across multiple websites.

Read more about document groups or more specifically about displaying policies on your website using document groups.

Shared Document Groups

Shared document groups is an expansion of the the existing document group functionality. It facilities displaying documents on multiple multiple Schudio websites. Ideal for multi academy trusts who manage a number of different policies and other documents for their schools. For instance, manage your documents and policies on the central trust account. Then share these groups to multiple websites. Without delay the documents are available in each school account to display easily and quickly on the website.

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Using Shared Document Groups

If you want to use shared document groups in your organisation please get in touch. We will then get you setup and you can start using shared document groups right away.

Shared document groups require a main account that will manage the document groups and documents within them. This is usually a trust website, but could be a school website. First step is to link the accounts together and determine the main account that will manage and share the groups. Then document group sharing options will be available for both existing, and new document groups.

Share document groups to all linked websites, or just selected sites. You can define your sharing settings for each document group. This provides the flexibility to customise which groups of documents are available for each different website.

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Shared document groups for websites will be available to select within the linked website account straight away. Any updates to the shared document group will be reflected immediately. And everywhere the document group is displayed the changes will be reflected.

If you'd like anymore detail about how shared document groups could help your MAT, Federation or other group of schools, please do get in touch. We'd love to talk through you plans and see how we can help.

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