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Document Groups

The document groups module is a recent addition to the Schudio school website CMS and unsurprisingly makes managing groups of documents easier and better than ever before. It's always been quite straightforward to add documents to a website through the Schudio school website CMS but this new feature streamlines that process and presents the documents in a more attractive way. This feature has come about in no small part because of the feedback from our clients who use the system on a day to day basis.

Document Group Management

Document groups are used to manage a number of different documents. The first thing to do is to set up the document group. A group can be setup with a broad reach, something like "Policies" or something more specific like "Behaviour Policies". The documents that belong can then be added to the group. An unlimited number of documents can be added to a group and an unlimited number of groups can be added.

When the documents need to be updated within the group, there's an option to edit the document within the group and upload or select a new file.

Document Groups

Document Group Presentation

While the management of documents using the document groups module has been made even easier the biggest benefit is to the presentation of the documents on the website.

A display name can be given to a document, and this can be changed at any point so the original file doesn't need to be renamed and re-uploaded, just enter the display name for the file. Other information and links are also automatically displayed around the new documents too.

Date of last update, so visitors to your website can quickly see if the document has been updated recently and if it's likely to still be relevant, or for you as a school to quickly check when your documents were last updated.

Download and Print icons, so visitors can very quickly choose to save a copy of their file to their computer or show the preview in a new window and automatically pop up the print dialogue.

But the most useful of these new visual improvements is the new in-page preview. Perfect for displaying policy files within the page, this addition means visitors to the website can view the documents without leaving page.

Take a look at our new document groups feature below.

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