Why is the Schudio School App Free? (How can it be??)

We get asked this question all the time! If you've had a look at our Free School App, maybe you're interested in finding out more about how a free app can help improve parental engagement. But the questions we get asked very often are, "How on earth can you offer a free app to schools?", or "What's the catch?". 

The truth is that there is no catch.

MYTH #1: FREE = A Bit Rubbish

The Free School App is feature rich, powerful, easy to use and certainly not a bit rubbish. It offers the same features as many other school apps that charge a significant annual fee. Lots and lots of schools use the app as a standalone product. Lots more use the app as part of a School Website package. Either way, the functionality is the same, no matter what level you come in at.

MYTH #2: There is Always a Catch

This is simply not true. As a company we're driven by the fact that school budgets are not limitless. An app is an additional string to your bow of parental engagement. Furthermore, if it's done well it can be a powerful addition.

But it shouldn't be something that creates work. It shouldn't be something that you struggle to update. It certainly shouldn't be something that costs the earth for already stretched budgets.

The Schudio School App is powered by the same school website software that 100s of schools around the country use to manage their school websites. If you are a school website design client, when you add content to your website it will automatically go on your School App.

If you don't use the Schudio school website software then that's fine, you'll need to add content to your website and then add it to the School App as well.

Here's the rub: we don't think you should pay to do that task twice!

That's why the School App is free and always will be.

MYTH #3: We Can't Keep The Schudio School App Free Forever

Finally, The Schudio School App has been free for 3 years to anyone who wants it! In January 2017 we released the most up to date and powerful version we've ever built. We've done the biggest launch to date and we've seen the more signups than ever before.

Our hope is that, because you love using the App and, when the time comes around, you'll consider using us to update your school website. Lots of schools do exactly that and that means we can keep the School App free. Forever.

There's no obligation at any time to do that, but we very much hope you do!

Hopefully that's answered your questions but do get in touch if you still have more! Otherwise, why not Sign Up for your FREE School App now?

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