School Website Software Update – Content Productivity & Compliance Reports

Time in schools is precious and hard to come by. One most common casualties of the squeeze on time is adding fresh and interesting content to your school's website. So many websites have out of date content and policies.

Yet it is so important.

Painting a rich picture of life in school is vital for attracting new parents and students and engaging current parents. It's also a crucial part of your efforts to give Inspectors a clear idea of what your school is about before they walk in your door.

One of the key benefits of partnering with Schudio for your school website is our ongoing commitment to regularly improve and update our school website software. What's more, every time we build a new feature we listen to our clients. Then we feed their thoughts directly into our development plan.

That's why we've built key reports into the Dashboard so schools have critical information immediately available on login.

Over the coming months, we'll be adding more reports so do keep an eye on your Dashboard.

To date, we've added 3 important sections to help you keep your school website in prime condition.

Content Productivity Reports

Writing regular content is a hugely important part of your website. Perhaps the single most powerful thing you can do is to add stories of life in school as regularly as you can.

That's why you will see your Content Productivity report as soon as you log in to your website. This feature also gives you an idea of whether you're using all the features of your software.

Is your contact form being used? Are you sending push notifications to parents through the school app?

More than this, are you writing content regularly. If you're not, you can see immediately and get straight to it.

Content Needing Attention Alerts

The Schudio School Website Software includes the option to set review dates on key content, such as policies and documents. You can also approve content before it goes live if it is written by an Editor.

You Content Needing Attention section brings all the content together and highlights everything that needs action on your part. By bringing all this information together in one place makes it much faster and easier to make changes and approve content and keep your policies right up to date.

School Website Compliance Status

Perhaps the most common issue with school websites is a lack of compliance.

That's why we have spent years building a market leading range of school website compliance services. Now, directly within your School Website Software, you will see exactly where you stand should an inspector make the call.

This section includes your Compliance Audit Project, Compliance % Status and direct access to the School Website Compliance Software. You can even order a Pro School Website Audit.

Add all these new features together and you can immediately see issues with your website and act to quickly resolve them.

As always, your school website support team is available for any questions and advice.

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