Ofsted school website requirements lots of schools are missing

Since launching The School Website Compliance Software in September 2018, over 1000 schools have signed up and started to check their website. It's still early days but there are some very interesting trends that are appearing already. It can be hard to understand the latest school website requirements. The trends we see in completed audits give us a great deal of insight into what schools are struggling with.

How compliant are schools?

Early indications are that, on average, schools are around 79% compliant with the latest Ofsted school website requirements*. That sounds pretty good! Trends within the data suggest there are patterns to which requirements schools aren't meeting so you'll find the top four issues below.

What Ofsted school website requirements are schools most likely to miss?

Contact Details

This is the easiest one to fix so lets start here! The requirements are mostly around naming key contacts. The purpose is to make sure that it's easy to get in touch with people at your school. Schools need to be accessible and easy to contact so it's worth putting the effort in. That's not just an Ofsted box checking exercise, it's standard good practice online.


Here's the rub: "The content of the curriculum your school follows in each academic year for every subject." It's a short sentence that creates a vast amount of work. If you break the work down into subject areas, provide subject / year group leaders with a structure of what is required, the information will be formatted in a way that is suitable to go online. If you're looking for expert advice on how to display your curriculum information you can read our article here: Curriculum Information on your school website.

Pupil Premium

Many schools are not meeting the Ofsted school website requirements for Pupil Premium. The details require information about how much money is received and how that is spent. The sticking point is often detailing how school measures the impact of Pupil Premium spend.

SEN Report

This is the most worrying example of all. So many schools are failing to meet the requirements set out with regards to SEN provision in school. This is the only example where I play the special needs card personally. As a parent of a child with additional needs, I can't stress strongly enough how important it is to get this information on your website as quickly as possible and do it well.

Explain why yours is a good school for children with additional needs. Include details of experience and offer the opportunity for parents to visit. Include your policies on this page so all the relevant content is together in one place.

How do you fix your school website?

The starting point is to get an accurate picture of how compliant your website really is. Without a starting point it's impossible to get the problem fixed. The best (and only) way to do this quickly is using the School Website Compliance Software.

Complete the School Website Compliance Software, noting any issues within your site. You'll be provided with a detailed report with action points and expert recommendations. Our commitment is to keep the requirements up to date and notify you of any changes. Sign up below ...

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* data is based on Ofsted requirements published at gov.co.uk at time of writing.

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