Why Embed Codes are Awesome!

An embed code is a block of code that is added to a website and creates content within the page. They are brilliant! If you visit a website and see a YouTube video in the page, that has been embedded and uses an embed code to achieve the results you see.

Embed codes are used to add lots of different types of rich media to websites all over the world and are a quick and easy way to deliver content in this way. They can be used to embed maps, video, photo galleries, documents, Twitter feeds and lots, lots more.

Embed codes are a core function within the Schudio School Website CMS because they make it really easy to do things that need some coding knowledge to achieve.

As an example for schools, adding a really nice looking Staff or Governors page to your website can be tricky if you don't know any coding and so we use embed codes to make it incredibly simple.

Here's some examples within the Schudio School Website CMS of how we use embed codes to make life just that little bit easier ...


It's really quite difficult to create a page that has photos of staff, with a little bit of information about them and possibly links to their classes Twitter accounts of their email address. The same is true if you're creating a Governors page; adding all the info you need to and making sure it looks really nice on every device that a user might visit that page from. That's why we built the People module; you can instantly create groups of people, add people to those groups and then embed them into a page of content very quickly and very easily. The system then does the heavy lifting and makes the page look very clean, well organised and highly professional. Dead easy!

Screen Shot on 2016-04-20 at 12-00-37


The same is true when you're adding documents to your school website. How deathly dull to have a list of policies on your website that you have to keep up to date?! It gets even harder if you've got the same policy in 2 or 3 places around your site, so much so that you would avoid doing that on the basis that it's too difficult to keep on top of.

That's why we created the Documents module; you simply create a group of documents, upload whatever documents you like into each group and then copy and paste the embed code into any page of content. The system will make the documents look lovely and easy to read on any device automatically. If you put the embed code on more than one page, all you need to do is upload the new document and it will be updated right across the site. Lovely!

As an example, if you have a Policies page and all my SEN policies are listed there, but you also want them listed on your SEN page, you can simply copy and paste the embed code in both places and we'll do the rest automatically!

Screen Shot on 2016-04-20 at 12-10-01


Have you seen these? The really nice, page turning documents within websites? They're great for certain applications, i.e. glossy prospectus' or photo rich documents but not so good for wordy policies etc. The Schudio School Website CMS gives you the option to simply upload a document and with some clever jiggery-pokery behind the scenes we automatically create a flip-book for you that you can embed into any page of content.

Screen Shot on 2016-04-20 at 12-25-11


The option to embed video into your website is one that can really bring your website to life but it can be slightly tricky to make sure the video works perfectly on any device. That's why we did some clever work in the background so that you can, for example, take a YouTube video and add it into our system, we'll create our own embed code and it will make sure that your fabulous production can be enjoyed on any device!

Screen Shot on 2016-04-20 at 12-50-44


Finally, (but not the last thing offered in our system) we can't talk about embed codes without mentioning Twitter! It is fast becoming a staple for schools as a highly effective way of communicating with the wider school community. It's also completely free, of course! Any website we build has the facility to directly embed a feed of all your tweets so you can share your Twitter account through your website and vice versa. Schools are using Twitter to talk about lots of things that go on in and around school, celebrate success and for parental engagement.

These are just a few examples of the embed codes we use to bring your school website to life and every single one is designed to be as easy to use as possible. For a full list of everything that's possible have a look at our comprehensive feature list or ...

We'd love to show you just how easy it is, so why not drop us a line and ask for a free, no-obligation demo of the Schudio School Website CMS? Get embedding!


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