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Because we're a bit nerdy here and love playing with shiny toys. GoAnimate is one of those toys that is just great fun to play with and incredibly useful. The idea is to build brilliant animated videos that tell a story. For a commercial enterprise that might be telling the story of the product or service they want to promote. For a school it might be an introduction to your school or an event that is running.

I think that GoAnimate will be brilliant to use in class for students working on a project though because you can get multiple students involved in creating a piece of work and output the work in a number of formats. There is a specific version of the product for schools that offers some great benefits and options to schools, funnily enough called Goanimate4Schools!

Introduce Topics and Lessons

Video is a brilliant way of engaging students of course.Goanimate4Schools gives you another string to your bow to create your own fun, rich animations to use as starters.

Tools, Styles & Assets

The product is filled with lots and lots (and lots) of really nice, modern, clean and fresh assets to use to build a really rich picture. From characters and settings to props and animated graphics everything you need is provided withinGoanimate4Schools (but of course you can add your own media too!)

Powerful, Easy to Use Editor

The drag and drop interface is lovely and really easy to use (we're all about that!). You can add characters, swap backgrounds, start a scene and much, much more very quickly so that it is always fun to use.

Match your Message to a Style

Whether you're promoting and event and want 2D animated videos which are a really fun way of telling your story, or whether you want to offer an engaging way of presenting important statistics and data, or whether you are after using hand drawn, whiteboard animation style piece to promote your project Goanimate4Schools includes absolutely everything you need to nail your presentation.

Voice Over and Auto Lip-Sync

You can also record your audio by telling the story and then building your animation around it. The best bit? Lip-syncing is automatic and looks stunning.


Why don't you get your students involved in building rich content for their projects by using Goanimate4Schools' collaboration tools to add notes and comments pegged to the timeline so that the team can implement important feedback into their work. This is also a great way to check for understanding with the students to make sure they have grasped a concept or topic.

Goanimate4Schools isn't free but isn't particularly expensive for schools. It is a very rich resource and it is something that, as long as you use it regularly, would be an enormous benefit to any organisation.

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